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  1. Hey guys here is a quick pic of the bird. Still pumped the team tagged out!!! Nice work everyone and some sweet birds!!!
  2. Hey guys here's the final measurements on my bird: 5 1/4" beard, 3/4" and 13/16" on the spurs and weighed in at 20.7lbs. Nice work everyone. It's awesome that we were able to do 6/6. I'll be sure he gets officially entered as well. Again this was fun nice work.
  3. Got em!!!! About a half hour after posting it was tough I got a hold of the bird that was giving me trouble. He isn't a monster about 5 inch beard 3/4" spurs and should make 20 lbs. looks like we were able to go 6/6!!! I'll get the measurements up as soon as possible. Woohoo nice work boys!!!!
  4. Hey boys, it's been slow so far. Hopefully we can get things to pick up. Seen a few birds but nothing to get too excited about.
  5. Hey nice work guys. Things are lookin good for this week. Hopefully I can keep the good times Rollin.
  6. Nice frickin bird!!!! Sweet way to get on the board.
  7. Yeah I have noticed the birds are starting to disperse. Saturday I'll be out and about seeing who we have frequenting our property. I think I saw a group of jakes banded up over the weekend, the good old safety in numbers for the little guys. The toms must have started really picking on the poor little bastards. Hopefully I'll have more info after the weekend, can't wait for season c to get here!!!!
  8. Hey guys checking in. I'll be hunting season C in wisco around the river falls/Hudson area.
  9. Hey fellas one question, would it work to set up a blind in the middle of a field?? We had some birds come off one of the roosting areas and head directly down the middle of the field. The field has a nice crown to it so you can see both sides on top. It is too wide to be able to hammer them from either woodline. Just curious if one could put a blind up in the middle and just try to wait them out if they so use that roost. Thanks.
  10. We'll guys I struck out. I had my opportunity Sunday morning and I blew it. Called a nice tom and 2 jakes in off the roost and was spotted. After missing out I walked out and looked at my spot and realized I stuck out like a sore thumb!!! Guess everything looks fine I the dark. Oh well we learned a lot about the property and te landowner will lock us in for whatever season we want after b season in wisco. Te group went 2 for 3 this weekend. Both birds had 10 inch beards and one had 1 1/4 spurs, he actually came off public land. We were checking out a piece if property that you could throw a rock onto I-94 from and my buddy busted that guy out of a bush on a fenceline. Can't wait for next season!!!!
  11. Well the weather didn't cooperate today and the birds were pretty quiet. Hopefully they get a little more vocal in the morning. We did see a few moving in the usual areas so hopefully if they keep quiet we can ambush some. Good like out there!!!
  12. The main 160 acres I hunt has seen 4 total hours of hunting pressure and has resulted in four birds taken. The landowner has been seeing tons of birds this year plus the big boy is still strutting the place. Weather for Thursday is looking ok still. We have also scouted out some public land in the area in case our honey hole doesn't pan out. It's going to be a long 3 days of work this week. Hopefully I'll get a little time in out on the st croix this weekend as well.
  13. Nice work on the bird!!! Was out scouting yesterday morning. Checked out our new areas to hunt. Firs spot we didn't get a whole lot, but the landowner has been seeing birds. Then we put in a little windshield time looking for birds. Saw birds all over. Also saw a gobbler on the public land by our main spot, hopefully he will stick around if we aren't having too much luck. All in all saw a few birds and I'm pumped to start tickling the slate!!!!
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