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  1. Great info. Thanks Kooch. I'll give it a try.
  2. I need some help with a little dilemma. My camping buddy (my dog) is kinda a wimp when it comes to the cold. I was camping this weekend (approx 30 degrees at night) and she was shaking. Eventually, she found a way to sneak in and crawl to the foot of my mummy bag. There wasn't room for both of us, so I ended up sleeping with my top half exposed to the cold. If my dog can't handle 30 degrees, winter camping would not be an option. Any ideas?
  3. I'm gearing up for winter sports and cleaning out a few items in the garage. For details and pics visit my web page 16' Old Town Penobscot Canoe. Good Condition and perfect for duck hunting or family recreation. $650. Decoy Package #1: 8 mallards, 4 wood ducks, bag. All unused. $25. Decoy Package #2: 1 Goose, 12 mallards, 4 wood ducks, 2 butts, bag. $25 decoys, $20 bag, $40 both. Contact me at walleye(dot)dundee(at)comcast(dot)net
  4. I had to spend $140 to repair my carborator this year and want to make sure I avoid any problems for next year. My auger is a Jiffy Stealth w/ 3hp Techumseh engine. What are the best steps to follow to winterize my auger? Should I run the engine out of gas? Should I use stabilizer? Storage? Thanks for any suggestions. Rob. p.s. I checked for a similar thread without luck.
  5. What digital cameras have worked well or poorly for you guys and gals? I'm looking to replace my current digital. I'm looking for something much smaller and light weight, with good battery life, and durable. I've heard that the digitals with aluminum casings are bad for use in the cold weather because when going from cold to warm temps, water condenses inside the camera causing them to break. True? Any suggestions? I don't want to spend a ton of money seeing as it will probably end up down the ice hole someday with the rest of my gear. Thanks in advance.
  6. The only Musky Bay Resort that I can find on Google is in Rhinelander Wisconsin. Do you have a HSOforum for this place? Oops. Found it. It would help if I spelled it right. http://www.muskiebayresort.com/
  7. I take several trips each winter to Mille Lacs, URL, LoW, etc in search of Mr. Walleye. I would REALLY like to do a similar trip this year to find some big lakers. Where are the best fishing areas in Minnesota that a guy could go and be halfway successful on his trip? I was kinda thinking Ely, but I'm not sure. I think the BWCA has a bunch of great lake trout lakes. The other option I know of is Lake Superior. I'm a bit intimidated by fishing Superior, I wouldn't know where to begin. Any ideas?
  8. All: Thanks for your posts. This is great info and very helpful to me. This HSOforum is GREAT! Thanks again.
  9. Loebs: I picked up the REI Killamajaro 0 degree on sale several weeks back. I tried using it for hunting, but I cooked myself. Nice move on the thermarest. I have one too and they rock. Kinda spendy, but worth it. I've had mine since college and still works great. I've found that using my closed cell ridge rest under the thermarest works really well on those really cold nights. You mentioned you can snowshoe off the CC trails on Lake Maria State Park. Are there hike-in camp sites available too? I'll have to check this out. Sounds like fun.
  10. Items for sale. If you are interested, email me at walleye (dot) dundee @ comcast.net 1. Jiffy Legend Stealth 3hp 8". Retails for $399 at Cabelas.com. Selling for $300. Purchased in 12/02 and used 1.5 seasons. I'm selling so that I can buy a smaller, more portable/light weight auger. 2. Ice Grippers. Best Ice Cleats available. Retails for $39.95 on FM. Selling for $25. I'm selling because they don't fit my new ice fishing boots. They are sized to fit approx. size 13-15 boot.
  11. I've finally picked up a decent winter bag this fall and plan to do some winter backpacking this year. Does anyone have any good tips or locations they would be willing to share. I am dreaming about a trip through the BWCA on snowshoes fishing for lake trout. Yeah!!!
  12. Hello fellow FM'ers. I have been wanting to hunt the turkey seasons for the last several years, but my lack of land and knowledge for turkey hunting has stopped me from trying. I entered the lottery for a permit last year and got declined . I'm going to apply again for the spring 2005 season. If I don't get a permit, I'm going to try and get a permit in a zone with leftover permits. Here are my questions... How do I choose a zone to apply for my permit? Is one better than others for non-landowners? I was thinking about applying for the Carlos Avery zone but I'm not sure if there are turkeys there and am a bit nervous about getting shot at by other unethical hunters looking for something to shoot at. (This has been an issue lately in Carlos Avery WMA). Otherwise I was going to pick a zone in the SE section of MN with a WMA on it. Thoughts? Once (if) I get a permit, what's next? I suppose I'll buy a video or something at Gander, a slate call, and some turkey shot. I'll try to find some public land within my zone. In order to have a safe trial of this sport, with a decent chance of seeing a bird, what would you recommend? Tactics? Thanks in advance. WD
  13. Anyone here lease Potlatch land? What is your take on it? Other than not being able to build, is there a catch?
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