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  1. Mudcatman

    That's not a trout!

    That one in your pic looks more like a common goldfish. Goldfish are in all sorts of ponds and lakes. Especially neighborhood storm water retention ponds. Usually solid orange with big fan tails. Weird to see one in a stream. But they can live anywhere, all it takes is some nitwit to put it there. I swear they are more hardy than bullheads. They are usually the last species to winterkill, believe it or not. Heres a pic of an actual Koi I caught from the Little Cannon River back in 2006. The fish ate a nightcrawler chunk off the bottom intended for those stocker rainbows in there. What a suprise catch this was...
  2. Mudcatman

    TR Richland County

    Awesome!!?? Mepps maybe? Maybe another lure in general? Maybe give er a good rip before you start your retrieve? Dude, a true sportman or one who claimed to have this much love for the sport would make the adjustment, you know what I'm saying?
  3. Mudcatman

    TR Richland County

    Its your niche. But their right, you shouldn't even fish the c/r season if your concerned about fatalities. Or tweak your tactics. I'm sure one or two of them fifty thousand panthers ya bought could be single hook barbless rig, eh?
  4. Mudcatman

    Sturgeon Spearing.

    The biggest problem with this might be that the majority of people doing this are looking to pop the biggest one they see. Its gotten to be a big competition out there. And even though its "highly regulated" and managed by the dnr, its still probably not so good to be harvesting huge breeding age fish from the best source for Lake Sturgeon in the world. Maybe the Winnebago system is unique. Maybe it can truely handle harvests like this, who knows. Personally, I dont even think the dnr can accurately predict long term benefits or consequences on such a long lived species. Being an avid Lake Sturgeon fisherman, I would never harvest one, hook and line or spear. Thats just me. I'm sure they would be a delicious meal, but I feel their way too fragile of a species to even go there. Any fish that survived since the dinosaurs were around is pretty special. I'd like to see 'em stick around so our kids and our kids kids can enjoy them too. And I would believe that if there were no spearing season there would be an angling season. Its strange, where else in the world is fishing banned but spearing is allowed? Strange stuff going on out there in WI...
  5. Mudcatman

    Sturgeon Spearing.

    What I find to be extremely stupid is how there is no legal angling season on the Winnebago system, but theres open harvest for a day or two with the spearing. Whats up with that? And it seems like lately someones stabbing a giant every year. Sure would be cool to have at least a catch and release period on the Winnebago system. So us angling dudes could have some fun too...
  6. Mudcatman


    To increase your odds, try night fishing. Burbot love to feed at night. Glow Buckshot rattle spoons tipped with half a fathead or shiner head work great. Electronics help too. Eelpout roam the entire water column sometimes in search of food, so the graph helps a ton with locating those suspended fish. And a rock pile or sharp drop-off would be an excellent place to start looking for them.
  7. And the Sheepshead is a great eating fish too. Anything in the Drum family is pretty tasty actually. I would recommend smaller fish under 3 lbs from fairly clean water for eating. They fillet similar to large panfish. Deep fry them just like anything else. Be it would suprise some folks how good they are...
  8. Best spots for American Eels have been main channel areas on the Mississippi and St. Croix. Deep areas and moderate current should be what your looking for. And never caught one during the day. Good luck!
  9. Glad you liked the pics Edd. Be cautious out there. There might be more weirdos like me out there somewhere...
  10. You might consider me weird Edd. I really dont care. As a matter a fact, dont care what anyone thinks. Proud to be a "roughfisher". You cant tell me stuff like this aint cool... Greater Redhorse: American Eel: Freshwater Drum: Smallmouth Buffalo: Northern Hogsucker: White Sucker: These are the fish that float my boat. All "rough fish". All species pictured here are native to Minnesota and caught in MN. All unprotected, you could shoot as many of these beauties in a day, every day if you wanted to. To each is own, man. You love your bass and shooting fish, I love the beauty of all fish. To me, there are no rough fish, only fish. They may be called trash fish or under-utilized fish by some. I call em fricken sweet. Way more interesting than catching the same 2 lb bass all day long. Oh yeah, and by the way, all fish pictured were caught with the hook and line method, photographed, and released.
  11. Just remember there Edd, your the one who opened yourself up for this "attack" by telling us all about your tubs full of dead bow shot fish. I dont know why it is that every time there is a serious talk about rough fish on this forum, one of you fricken bow guys gotta chime in and make some outlandish remark. Be a man Edd and learn to just keep your mouth shut. Myself and others here could care less about your stupid "sport". So you shot a bunch of rough fish. Big deal. Its a no talent, wasteful hobby. Try fooling those same fish with bait. Try stalking giant carp armed with bait and a rod. Try to fool a Bigmouth Buffalo into biting. Toss out a giant chunk of cut bait for trophy bowfin in spawning colors. Thats what gets my blood flowing, my heart beating hard. Tell ya what Edd. Stay clear of this forum with your comments, and I'll stay clear of the bow-fishing forum with my comments. Cause just like yours here, mine would not be welcome there either.
  12. The only thing that sounds rediculious is your trying to justify what you do on an angling for rough fish forum. You dont see me trying to tell you whats up in the bow-fishing forum, do you. No, I stay away from that forum. One, because there is no sense even saying anything there because all your gonna get is reactions like this. Two, its your place, a place much different than this here fourm, an angling forum. I try to respect that by not ripping it up there like your trying to do here. Get used to it Edd. You wanna come on forums like this and preach bow-fishing, be prepared to hear about it from the opposite end of the spectrum. Think of it like this. You love your bow-fishing, right? Folks here and on other sites like it love angling for those same fish you love to shoot and dump. And are just as passionate about catch and release of these same species that you waste every time you take your rig out for another session. So think about it. Ask yourself why people like me and other folks will have issue with what your doing. I think the answer is pretty clear. You just got lost here Edd. Go back you your bow-fishing thread and quit lurking on an angling thread. Why are you checking this out anyways? Thought you were a hard core bass guy. Must be looking for new spots to bow-fish, eh? Times are changing. People are not thinking of rough fish the same way anymore. Its not like the old days. Old timers with narrow minds and old ways of thinking are being phased out. The facts are actually being looked at now. Get used to it Edd.
  13. Big Edd,I never said you would be the specific person to ruin bow-fishing. Not by shooting a bunch of "worthless bowfin", that is. But someone who does bow-fish will eventually shoot the wrong batch of fish and post them up online. It may have to happen several times over many years, but eventually it will happen, and action will be taken. There are folks who actually watch for this stuff now. The "sport" of bow-fishing will be cracked down on big time. You will have pages and pages of rules and regulations just like the angling community does. Certain bodies of water will be off limits, just like how it is now on designated trout streams now, but way worse for you bow dudes. More and more areas will be cut off from bow-fishing. And that will make me happy. To know that I was a part of ending some of this stuff. Really big edd, I have no problem with a guy shooting some exotics. Not a whole fricken 55 gallon barrel of them though. And shooting bowfin is just stupid. They do benefit every lake their in. They keep stunted panfish populations in check. I bet if more lakes had bowfin, we would deal with alot less potato chip style bluegill infested lakes. And they dont over-run a lake or river like carp tend to do. Their a top level preditor man, not a bottom sucker. A native species. An asset to every lake their found in. And you have to admit this. Alot of bow-fishers are in it for the competition. And for the target practice. Thats a fact that cant be denied dude. And thats what [PoorWordUsage] people off. That and the fact that all these kills are not utilized, other than being tossed in the maneur spreder. What a waste. And alot of you guys shoot and release fish too. Thats not cool either. That fish is just gonna die in the future or be screwed up for life. Its not sporting at all to do stuff like that. I just dont like bow-fishing. Everyones entitled to an opinion. You have yours, and I have mine. Doesn't make me a bad sportman because of my opinions. And its kind of one of those threads here, with a bunch of folks on a strictly fishing forum for rough fish. Why do you think the rough fish fishing forum and the bow-fishing forum are seperate now? Cause people here dont want or care to see what ya'll got going on. I can guarentee you that I'm not the only one who feels like this here. Just might be the only one who might say something about it. Rough fish fishing is catching on in a big way. People see the sporting value in these fish now, way more than 5 even 10 years ago. Some people, including me, even eat suckers, redhorse and carp. Smoked carp is excellent, ground redhorse and sucker is fantastic. So dont get too offended that your "sport" might be changing in the future there big edd. It was gonna happen anyways eventually. Sorry you had to hear about it here like this. But you dont have to worry about your bowfin or carp laws being threatened I bet. Which is a good thing for you right? Your right, there will probably never be any laws protecting unlimited amounts of bowfin from being shot day after day, if someone chooses to do so. But in the future it will change where it needs to be changed. To concerve populations of native species that are beneficial to the aquatic ecosystem. To save certain species from declining numbers. To maintain what we have, before its gone for good. And I look forward to that day. Cant wait to see certain waters closed to bow-fishing for good. It will be a step in the right direction.
  14. Man, its a shame hearing about them Volney carp. Not too often you come across a gem like that in the carp world. Dont get me wrong, I like catching carp too. Their probably the toughest fighting fish in fresh water, pound for pound. Smart fish too. But if a guys gotta choose between bow guys shooting up a bunch of native species or asian carp, well my choice would be the carp getting targeted. Pleanty of common carp populations around here to fill those 55 gallon drums. Just think of the numbers of Bighead and Silver Carp down south that could be targeted. Reminds me of a trip to southern Illinois I took a few years back. We fished the Kaskaskia River below the last dam before it reached the Mississippi. You should have seen all the Silver Carp in there. It would make your head spin. Still even there, guys were bow-fishing for Spotted Gar. Friggen flying carp all around the boat and heres these guys filling barrels up with native gar. Why? Dont know the answer still to this day, I should have asked them. But I think about it often. I dont agree with bow-fishing at all. I think its wasteful for the most part. Sure, there are a few guys doing it right. Only killing enough to eat or harvesting a few for the wifes flower garden. But lets face it, for the majority its a competitive thing. And a wasteful thing. To use the old fertilizer excuse over and over again, its just wrong. Its target practice at best for most. You would never see stuff like this going on in other countries. Only here in the good old U.S.A. can you just go around shooting fish and dumping them in the ground to rot. But if a guys going to be allowed to do it, why not make him target the invasives? I be at peace with the whole thing if this were the case.
  15. Guys like big edd think their doing the whole entire world a favor by ridding it of fish that are not good to eat. What him and other guys like him dont realize are the facts about native species and their place in the eco-system and keeping the food chain well balanced. Just wait bow fishing dudes. Changes are on the way. More and more "roughfish" species will be on state endangered and special concern lists in the future. Information and folks that know the facts will be more and more common. And tolerance for your "sport" will grow less and less. Pretty soon bow-fishing will be no longer. I mean 5 even 10 years ago, would you have seen a thread like this where people are actually concerned about concerving native species, bow-fishing, and wasteful harvests by bowfishers? Change is on its way. My advice, stick to the common carp. Make it your main target. All its gonna take it a few Blue Suckers, Black Redhorse or Black Buffalo harvested by bow to wreck it all for you. And it will happen, someone will screw it up. Geez, what are we gonna do when no bow-fishers will be there to control the rough fish population? Our waters are going to be over-populated and teaming with rough fish of all species. Yeah right. Dont buy into the B.S. Its just a blood sport.