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  1. Saw them at the ice show last year I believe. My FIRST impression was that it may be a safer alternative to a tipup (less gut hook for those who don't use circle hook?). But still not legal here. I know the guy was trying hard to get it approved.
  2. Picked it up at Sportsman's Warehouse in Anoka. Check it out on the coleman HSOforum. Looks like it runs about $15.
  3. I have a Yukon portable and use a buddy heater. On the cooler days/nights, I employ a coleman tent fan (magnetic) that I can temporarily attach anywhere to the shelter above the heater to circulate the warm air that rises. Paid about $10 for the fan last year. Works great!
  4. If you're set on what you want to purchase, go buy it now. Otherwise, the show is the best place to compare most of the available models on the market. Don't expect to save much money shopping at the show but don't be afraid to ask! Just get ready to pull the trigger soon after as some of the more popular models move off the shelf quickly (My Fishtrap Yukon for example).
  5. I've caught pike on both tipups and jigging at the same time as I am sure many others have as well. Jigging - tipped w/minnow head works well. Tip up w/live bait never failed me. Caught a pike jigging last year mid winter. Not a big deal except he also had my favorite jig hanging out the side of his mouth that he 'borrowed' from me 15 minutes earlier. Thanked him for returning it and sent him on his way. Man's best friend!
  6. Buying a new flip over portable this fall and was reading through the DNR regs about identification on the outside (name and address, drivers license or DNR number - all must be at least 2" in height, ect). I was thinking about attaching this info to the door, but then thought that wouldn't be visible if the door was open. Then I thought, how about next to the door? But that wouldn't be visible if I had my flip over ice house up as a wind block. Am I making too much out of this??
  7. The last 2 weeks have been slow at best (chasing 'eyes) for me on a couple of the larger NE metro lakes (WB and BE). MAGIC EIGHT BALL - Do you forsee continued slow action or will this trigger a feeding frenzy before we go into the deep freeze next week? Or are weather changes going forward overrated? I've kept my fishing interest up with my share of northerns to pass the time but I was spoiled 2 weeks ago with a nice run of 'eyes!
  8. Ummmmm...ahhhhh.....I choose to ignore that last post.
  9. 2liner

    Gopher win!

    This year - If the Goph's would of (should of) beat Mich and Mich State, it wouldn't of mattered if we played St Cloud and Mankato State to open the season. Would of been in the Rose bowl. Who cares about the BCS, it's all about the Roses! Great game against Oregon!
  10. What/where to buy. Can you attach directly to the canvas of an older Otter? Otherwise, may go with a strobe on top!!
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