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  1. rvvrrat

    My daughter has her permit to drive.

    CornPirate, I did the same thing. I let them back pull in and back out of the garage since they where about 11, then up and down the driveway. I let them drive anything with a motor like lawn mowers and boats. They need practice on how a vehicle balances, responds (or doesn't), and simply steering. Knock on wood, they are 25 and 21 and no accidents.
  2. rvvrrat

    Test Post

  3. rvvrrat

    Classy Mientkiewicz

    Trading Dougy was the best move the Twins could possibly have made at this time, icluding trading for anyone...and I mean anyone. Dougy couldn't stand seeing that sweet swing of Moreau's and went off the deep end last week. He completely lost his perspective and quite a bit of his dignity. He had become a cancer to the team and was rightfully extracted. Cheers to Terry Ryan for pulling it off in the 11th hour. And yes, I am a die hard Twins fan.
  4. rvvrrat

    Baseball Talk

    Tom, Have to disagree with you...the sooner the Twins can replace Dougie BB the sooner they have a chance to win in the post season. Yes, he has a fantastic glove and footwork. This team in particular can't afford his lack of production at the plate. Another team with more power at other postions might be able to compensate, not this team. He may be a great guy and you enjoyed fishing with him, but he is not a major league first baseman. Pete
  5. Valv, Pics please to rvvrrat_hotmail_com. Is the floor original or was it put it? Thx, Pete
  6. Pics to me too please. Would be great if you posted the model years of the items too so everyone doesn't aske the same question. [email protected]
  7. You need to score the aluminum with an acid (phosphoric?) before painting or else the paint won't hold very well. This is from personal experience of not doing the scoring.
  8. rvvrrat

    Member Profiles

    Does anyone else see this behavior: Click on a profile. A new window comes up with the profile. Close that window. Back out of the forum to the "main forum window"...now ALL topics have been updated as read (no yellow light bulb on), so I don't what subjects and items I've read.
  9. rvvrrat

    Whitewater State Park

    One thing you might want is a very good pair of hiking boots. Whitewater has many trails and some of the views are spectacular. When you visit you'll have found a hidden gem in the Mn State park system.
  10. rvvrrat

    "Fizzing" ?????

    This might answer some questions about fizzing. http://www.state.sd.us/gfp/divisionwildlife/fishing/Info/Catchrelease.htm
  11. rvvrrat

    Mississippi Locks Navigation

    I don't think I would tie off to ANYTHING while in the locks...