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  1. ThunderLund78

    Northern patties

    I've only tried them with Northern, but honestly, I'm not sure I could taste the difference if I didn't make them myself. All psychological, IMO - this will likely start an off-topic discussion BUT I participated in an 8 person taste test between Walleye, Northern and Bass (yes, we cut-up a medium sized bucket-mouth). I was the only one to name all three fish correctly and it was only due to the fact that my friend who was in-charge of the test accidentally missed a y-bone so I just had to guess in-between walleye and bass and I guessed correctly. A couple of the guys also had a y-bone and got their guess between 'eye and bass wrong!!! Flaky white fish is flaky white fish - especially when you bust it all up, mix it with bread crumbs, mayo and whatever else. Again, just my opinion.
  2. ThunderLund78

    Northern patties

    The Cheffrey recipe that thirdeye talks about is a good one. it's a little work but it turns out great - cooking the fillets before hand allows for easy flaking of the fish and makes for a shorter cooking time. They're VERY filling, like thirdeye says, can only eat about 2 at a time. i like to whip-up a little chipotle ranch-type dipping sauce for these as well.
  3. ThunderLund78

    Pork Belly Stinks

    What a bummer! Hope you get a good chunk of meat and your bacon ends up turning out great.
  4. ThunderLund78

    Smoked White Bass

    That's a heck of a hall! I assume you were on the river somewhere given there's Walleyes in the net Where do you find these guys and what are good methods to catch them? I've only caught two in my life and they were by accident. Also, It looks like you want to eliminate the belly meat on these guys?
  5. ThunderLund78

    Sarmas and stuffed green peppers

    Oh man, Walleye. Those look incredible. I'm one-half first generation American from eastern-European roots (Mom is from Latvia). That stuff is right up my alley!
  6. ThunderLund78

    How German Are You?

    If that's your Wurst, I can't wait to see your best! HAHAHAHA! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
  7. ThunderLund78

    Smoked Crappies

    Eyeguy - did you leave the ribs in? or are you just a really good crappie cleaner? Unless they're bigger ones, I always seem to take a good deal of the rib meat out when I remove the ribs. Not the end of the world, very thin strip of meat there. But if those are rib-less, I admire your ability!
  8. ThunderLund78

    Smoked Crappies

    This is awesome - I'll be setting some spring crappies aside for this. I've always been dubious about smoking non-oily fish as well, but the pics look incredible. I might just be a believer. My buddy smokes Pike all the time, I've never tried any but he claims it's top-notch
  9. ThunderLund78

    Macon bacon

    Ha! I've never met Bobber, except on here... I have yet to reach the bacon making status of bobber, but as soon as Hockey is over, my weekends should be a little more open. Then it's game-on!!! Bellies are waiting in the freezer for me!
  10. ThunderLund78

    Macon bacon

    Beautiful!!! Can I ask what your dry brine for the side pork was?
  11. ThunderLund78

    Bourbon and Whiskey

    I think I remember seeing a program on Whiskey on the history channel or something. I want to say that Irish Whiskey - at least modern Irish Whisky, is like "Light Bourbon" from a flavor perspective. They actually use used bourbon barrels which brings on the same flavor profile, only much more mild, as well as other hints and flavors that a freshly-charred oak barrel overpowers with American Bourbon. I thought about that the next time I tried Jameson and it makes sense. Could definitely sense the bourbon-like aromas.
  12. ThunderLund78

    Jalapeno, Cream Cheese Juicy Lucy

    NICE WORK - every time I try to make them myself the edges don't seal and it ends up being a mess.
  13. ThunderLund78

    Bourbon and Whiskey

    Tried Bulleit for the first time over Christmas - on the rocks. I really enjoyed it. I'm not really a bourbon connoisseur but I've always liked the taste and have recently started expanding my horizons beyond Jim Beam and Maker's Mark. For mixing, I like Even Williams, because it's basically Beam but a lot cheaper. But for drinking neat or on the rocks, Bulleit is my new favorite. Very smooth and a little sweeter than Beam or Makers. Woodford Reserve is also very good.
  14. ThunderLund78

    Macon bacon

    We just got a whole hog from the butcher. I had them leave the bellies in 5 lb. slabs. I've done the canadian bacon so far with great results, now I'm going for actual bacon like you Bobber.
  15. Well, after hearing about them here, I did some research online and determined that I didn't need one, but would really like one of these So what do you do when you want but don't need??? You put on your xmas list and hope Santa think's you've been a good boy. Well, I must've been a good boy, because I got one! It will probably be a while before I break it out, but when I do I'll report on it first hand.