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  1. Not sure I can add to what's already been said, but just another vote for cutting the cord! Did so almost three years ago and we're saving about $80/month compared to DirectTV. We chose the Roku platform to access all our streaming apps - I've since updated all our TVs to Roku TVs and we have one Roku stick that we use when we go to the cabin, etc. which plugs into the HDMI on any flatscreen (smart or not) and makes it a Roku TV. I found that I don't even need a HD antenna because Hulu TV has all local stations and most of the popular cable networks for a fraction of price of our Direct TV subscription. We also have Netflix. We have a prime subscription but almost never use it for TV. We ditched Sling for Hulu TV as it didn't have as many of the local stations and it's almost the same price. I do find the overall, I watch less TV since we cut the cord, which is a good thing.
  2. All looks GREAT RL! Makes me want to get the smoker out of the garage and get to work!
  3. I ended up buying some corned beef at the deli counter this weekend as well, and you're right - basically have to take out a mortgage if you wanna make a homemade Ruben! Pastrami sounds great and another thing I've been wanting to try. We gotta be getting a warm stretch here pretty quick - we've paid our dues. I think my smoker will keep up OK below freezing, but it's not as fun.
  4. Wow, Bobber! You resurrected an oldie from the good old days, here! I STILL haven't tried this yet - although I have bought a LOT of Prague Powder between then and now. I think any roast wold work but you might get a pretty fatty result with chuck. If you're looking to make corned beef & cabbage for St.Patty's Day and eat it more like a pot roast - a little extra fat might not be bad. But if you're looking to make your own lunch meat or eat it cold, I think chuck would get a little greasy in your mouth. Corned beef is traditionally made with brisket. Maybe I'll give this a go - it's almost that magical time of the year - that sweet spot between youth hockey season and youth baseball season when I get to do what I want... sometimes.
  5. I have seen that clip - and it's a perfect example of how to deal with the subject. He refrains from insults and labels. Doesn't demean the vegan's opinion or position, rather wins the argument with respect, intellect and wit.
  6. I love Steve Rinella, He's a true advocate for the American Outdoorsman, modern conservation and champion of hunting and fishing rights. If you listen to his podcast you'll get a great and unbiased education on the history of Big Game hunting and conservation in America. He also has his finger on the pulse of issues facing sportsman today and doesn't get pulled into the extreme political camps on either side. It's really refreshing to have someone in the middle have such an influential voice. Wish there were more like him, Maybe someday he could be Secretary of the Interior.
  7. I agree BIG DAVE! u4ic is great stuff. I grew up about 4 miles from there. My mom and dad still live there, I swing in every chance I get. They got a good thing going in Blakeley.
  8. Thank you to those who replied and @Rick for helping me with my issue! I'M BACK UP AND RUNNING!
  9. Hi there, Sorry to use this forum for a personal issue - I sent an e-mail to admin but am not getting a response. I'm an site user who hasn't posted for a while. Most recently I've posted under ThunderLund78. Pikehunter78 was my original handle, but because of a tech issue several years ago where my hard drive crashed when I was logged in, I essentially got locked-out of my account - so I created a new handle. Now, when I try to log-in as ThunderLund78 (The handle I did most of my past posting under) and try to reset my password, it tries to reset under Pikehunter78. I try to change the name to ThunderLund78 but it says it's in use by another user (which is also me). Is there a way I can have the Pikehunter78 account purged and restore my ThunderLund78 Acct? If someone from admin sees this, can they please email me at the address tied to my account to resolve - then this post can be deleted if needed. THANK YOU!
  10. I've only tried them with Northern, but honestly, I'm not sure I could taste the difference if I didn't make them myself. All psychological, IMO - this will likely start an off-topic discussion BUT I participated in an 8 person taste test between Walleye, Northern and Bass (yes, we cut-up a medium sized bucket-mouth). I was the only one to name all three fish correctly and it was only due to the fact that my friend who was in-charge of the test accidentally missed a y-bone so I just had to guess in-between walleye and bass and I guessed correctly. A couple of the guys also had a y-bone and got their guess between 'eye and bass wrong!!! Flaky white fish is flaky white fish - especially when you bust it all up, mix it with bread crumbs, mayo and whatever else. Again, just my opinion.
  11. The Cheffrey recipe that thirdeye talks about is a good one. it's a little work but it turns out great - cooking the fillets before hand allows for easy flaking of the fish and makes for a shorter cooking time. They're VERY filling, like thirdeye says, can only eat about 2 at a time. i like to whip-up a little chipotle ranch-type dipping sauce for these as well.
  12. What a bummer! Hope you get a good chunk of meat and your bacon ends up turning out great.
  13. That's a heck of a hall! I assume you were on the river somewhere given there's Walleyes in the net Where do you find these guys and what are good methods to catch them? I've only caught two in my life and they were by accident. Also, It looks like you want to eliminate the belly meat on these guys?
  14. Oh man, Walleye. Those look incredible. I'm one-half first generation American from eastern-European roots (Mom is from Latvia). That stuff is right up my alley!
  15. If that's your Wurst, I can't wait to see your best! HAHAHAHA! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
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