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  1. T-Bone - is there a way I can get on a waiting list for the free standing rock-n-reels?
  2. Go on hsolist and look at the GPS's on there. You can get a brand new Garmin Legend for about $165. I've seen them go for as cheap as $135. That's for a brand new sealed unit. Great unit, with WAAS, mapping, uses the Fishing Hot Spots maps. I think that bang for your buck, that is the one you want!
  3. I would love to give them a try! I live in northern Wisconsin, and am an avid multi-species angler. Rich Handrick - aka - Richstick
  4. found them at my local bait shop. Look very nice, light, great action. Nice big guides, but lightweight. What got me was the suggested retail price is 14.99 for the solid carbon blank rod, and he had them priced at 21 bucks - still not a bad price, but quite the markup.
  5. does anyone have pics or descriptions of rod storage that they have put into their portables? I have the new HT tackle storage bag - it's great, I have 8 combos in their with ease. But, when you get out onto the ice and take a few rods out, then start to move around, you don't feel like putting them back into the case, and you don't want them flopping around in the tub. I have an older fishtrap, doesn't have the rod storage underneath the seat like the new scout and pro do (next year!!) Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Me and Dave Genz. I'll provide the comedy, he can just teach me all he knows!! Actually, strike that - I met him last weekend at the Gander in Wausau, WI. He's a pretty funny guy - maybe I'd have to play the straight man...
  7. This is what will happen to you if you don't Run and Gun!
  8. Strikemaster makes the Polarvision, shaped like a flashlight, shoots through the ice. Vexilar makes the LPS-1, shaped like a flashlight, shoots through the ice. They have both been around alot longer than the Marcum Lxi. Prices are virtually identical. These units are all good for speed and ease of use, but they only show depth, trying to use them to mark fish or weeds is foolish. Any flasher will do the same, and in some good ice conditions, they will excel in showing weeds, baitfish, fish. With ALL the above units, you need water between the unit and the ice. [Note form Rick: Hi richstick - you may want to do a little more research - The Strikemaster Polarvision is now the MarCum LXi. At this time based on your comments I believe you will agree that the MarCum LXi is indeed one sweet unit] [This message has been edited by Rick (edited 11-11-2003).]
  9. pro - ALWAYS put a swivel inline if you have a jigging spoon on. It eliminates line twist. Most fish won't hit a spinning presentation. The weight is insignificant. If you are fishing jigs, I would not recommend it however.
  10. can it be luck - I'm not plugging one over the other, I think they are both fine units. But remember this: power is only half the equation. Transducer sensitivity is the other. How a sonar works is that it puts out it's max power ALL the time. The Vex is putting out 400 watts ALL the time. When you adjust your gain knob, you are adjusting how much signal the unit is letting BACK INTO the unit. But, the Vex has an incredibly sensitive transducer. So you can't compare just power, it's not an equal comparison - looks sexy in an ad, but it's not a real sellling point.
  11. Lakewood also makes an ice pole caddie that is hardsided on three sides, and the top is soft. They retail for about 70 bucks. I've looked at them, I think they are quite heavy, and it seems to me that a bag like the croxton pond would hold more gear. The Lakewood bag would probably hold 3-4 combos, and it has I believe 2 outer pockets. The Lakewood product I would like to get is their tipup caddie - that thing that holds your tipups, functions as a seat, and also has rod holders on the sides and backpack straps - perfect for first ice when you don't want to bring your fishtrap! I think it holds 8 tipups!!!
  12. phew! I thought I was the only one that happened to!! Great story, you are a great writer, I ROTFLMAO!!! Thanks! Richstick
  13. Pardon me for expressing my opinion. The guy asked for opinions, I gave mine. I thought that was the idea behind this message board. For run and gun fishing - which is 99.9 percent of my fishing, there are simply much, much better shacks available. Check out the fishtrap scout if you want a small shanty. Blows away the ultralight. Built in seat, better tub, better fabric, etc. But I digress, I'll leave the opinions to the guys who are paid to endorse products here.....
  14. I won one from another site, and sold it - kept my fishtrap. The ultralite is VERY small. Narrow. It is light. It does not have a seat in it, so you have to supply your own. It has molded in bucket holders in the tub, if you still use 5 gallon buckets. The fabric is that same cheap feeling stuff that all the frabills are made of. They claim it is very tough, but I don't see how it could be nearly as durable as the USL/Clam or Otter fabrics. Just my $0.02 Richstick
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