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  1. Why so quiet now BackHerUp?????
  2. BackHerUp, Get serious. You really aren't talking smack about the Lions are you?!?!?! Granted they have improved, they still have some hurdles to leap before deserving this kind of hype. Give them 2 years and then start talking your nonsense. Right now you just sound foolish. I guess winning just a few games a season is alot when you are a Lions fan! I will give you credit though, at least you're not a bandwagon fan like most ViQueens fans.
  3. Fireforge

    Trade talk

    Wishful thinking is right. It would be great to get anyone with a pulse for the 5th spot. However, that is not a priority for the Twins right now. Remember the days of Rich Robertson and Scott Aldred? That was a truly bad rotation. The guys we have now all look like Cy Young compared to that garbage. The Twinks have to start hitting. It is absolutely horrible watching them run up to the plate, flail the bat around, and quickly go sit down. Since the start of May the Twins are batting .246, worst in the AL. Is Stewart that valuable to our lineup? Apparently so. I love Lew Ford, but he would be much better suited for the #2 slot in the lineup. If only we actually had a true #3 hitter!! Ford is our best bet. I just don't like a lot of Twins hitters. I'm a true, loyal fan, but it's hard sometimes. We can't complain, at least we are competitive every year in the weakest division in baseball history. Mark these words. In three years, Cleveland will win the World Series. I love the young players on that team. They are all hustlers and can flat out hit! Sabathia, Lee, and Westbrook are the next Mulder, Hudson, Zito (or should I say Harden?). I guess I really had nothing to say in particular, just felt like rambling.
  4. Fireforge

    goopy eye

    My black lab has the same problem. Clear/grayish goop in her eyes. At first I was very concerned, but then I realized it's always after she has been sleeping for awhile. The vet wasn't concerned, and her eye hasn't fallen out yet, so I don't think it is anything crazy. However, I only find it a couple of times a month. If it's happening everyday, then maybe a different story.
  5. Hey jigglestick, Could I get some pics also if it's still for sale? That would be be just swell. I have just the spot for it on my lake. I wouldn't even need a trailer, if I could get it here somehow. Where there is a will, there is a way. Very interested. Thanks chap. [email protected] http://petebradley.blogspot.com/images/weirdkid.gif [This message has been edited by Fireforge (edited 04-23-2004).]
  6. I'm getting married May 1st. That seemed like a good time. It's a couple of weeks before fishing opener, and golf hasn't really heated up yet. Plus we still have a decent chance of good weather.
  7. 10" Jiffy Legend Auger for sale. Only used 20 times. Very nice. $300/obo email: [email protected] or call (320)886-2982
  8. Fireforge


    Deny it all you want, but everyone in this state is a hick. Twin Cities area or not. I don't know why that is so offensive to some Cities people. The rest of the country looks up on all of MN as hicks, and I think it's great. Be proud to be a hick!!! I am!
  9. Fireforge. Dunno why, but it would make a great adult film name. [This message has been edited by Fireforge (edited 12-31-2003).] [This message has been edited by Fireforge (edited 12-31-2003).]
  10. Bingo. Well said Climbmda. I bring my black lab fishing, she is always right at my side. That's how I trained her. If I am fishing with a buddy that doesn't like dogs with, I leave her home. Respect is the key. Personally, if someone else's dog roams up to me, I pet it. I don't get all fired up and start cursing. If ice fishing is so wickedly intense that it brings out wrath towards a dog. That person needs to get a new hobby. Maybe volunteer at a nursing home and learn some patience. I save my wrath for the golf course, fishing is supposed to be RELAXING!!! [This message has been edited by Fireforge (edited 12-29-2003).]
  11. That is sick. There really isn't a reply to that other than why did you share that?
  12. Lighten up. Life is too short to get your panties all in a bundle over a dog. I can think of alot worse things.
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