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  1. What do the oar boats do in a lighting storm on the great lakes they don't seem to have any problems...Made of steel
  2. logon648

    Rain Gear

    Grudens rain gear is awsome !!!!! Same suit the crab fisherman use... (Deadliest Catch) Got it and its great. You will not get wet and you will not get cold I have never saw a day where I have been in the rain and it has been to warm to where. The material is bullet proof... And will last for ever if taken care of. Gortex is good as well but you don't see it on the crab boats which turned on the light for me
  3. Picksbigwagon..I have a new 13 X 11 for your 40 Hp..Give me a call Monday Jay http://www.soderbloom.com 218 644 3392
  4. What brand of prop is it http://www.soderbloom.com/proprepair.html
  5. SimilarIsland The Michigan XHS # 106 will work for you. Good pic that always helps
  6. I think the Michigan XHS hub kit # 106 should do the trick. If you have the prop number that would help
  7. No danger in changing them from prop to prop. How ever it wouldn't hurt to have a spare. They are designed to strip out if you hit something hard enough. We don't see it very often but it happens. I have a few good used ones laying around. If you email me your shipping info I will blast one off to you. [email protected]
  8. That hub looks to be the right one. Sometimes they can be tight. Tap it in using a large socket and hammer. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call 218 644 3392 Jay http://www.soderbloom.com/proprepair.html
  9. Windy ordered a skid house. We will be making a few of those as we have time
  10. dkf Im sorry our phones have really been busy the last few days. Call me on my personal phone Jay
  11. Mykal I would recommend double cupping the prop you have. It will pull your Rpm's down 150 to 200, give you a little more top end speed, hold the water better in corners and won't effect your hole shot. We do it all the time with great results. Give us a call if you have questions http://www.soderbloom.com/proprepair.html
  12. Thanks alot guys... I really appreciate your business !!! dtro our normal turn around time is 3 to 4 days. I will be on vacation from the 26th to the 2nd. If you can get your props sent out Thursday I can get them back to you before I leave
  13. Orlip If you have not received your Fish Brights yet please email or give me a call 218 644 3392 [email protected]
  14. This should be fairly close for you When ever using this for formula always ad 1" to the pitch The 135 has a 2:00 to 1 gear ratio, rpm range 5000 to 5600. If you ran a 19 pitch prop here are the numbers 20 (your pitch) X 5600 (your rpms) Divided by 2:00 (your gear ratio) divided by 1056 = 53mph Theoretical speed Minus slip aprox 15% = 45 mph boat speed This is figured that a 19 pitch prop on this boat will turn 5600 rpms. http://www.soderbloom.com/proprepair.html
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