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  1. Cool Posts Guys!! I have only been ice fishing for 3yrs so I guess I'm glad to hear that this is a regular occurance. Hi Ken, I'm fishing Katepwa!
  2. I just caught 3 different species of fish (walleye,Pike,Tullibee) from one hole and I saw a perch and a sucker too. I was just wondering what's the most species you have seen through one hole/small area in one day. I fished for only 3 hrs and yet this was the most species I've seen in one hole ever!
  3. Anyone here ever caught a carp through the ice?
  4. What is the scientific name for dog fish? Some guys here call burbot dogfish but I don't think you mean the same fish.
  5. I like to fish for carp in summer sometimes and burbot in winter. I know these aren't the "holy grail" of species but one tastes good and the other fights well! Anyone one here ever fish for more unusual species in open water and/or ice?
  6. What does the rock and reel do exactly?
  7. Can anyone else get thier LOKTOR to pick up the jig? Norco, great to have a local!! I went to Valeport and Condie today. I didn't catch anything but I only went to train the dog to pull my sled and to "juice up" the auger for another season.
  8. My wifes grandad gave me this old flasher A Lowrance Fish lo-k-tor. Should I chuck it in the garbage or would it be of use to me considering I can't afford a vexilar yet?
  9. Awesome Post Mat Thanks!
  10. Here is the depth map:
  11. When fishing a bar, what part of it should I start fishing on? ie do fish come up the bar from the tip to feed at dusk or do they come up an inside turn etc....?
  12. saskcarp


    Brother Bro, you didn't read my post properly! Smartguy, good luck to you and your buddy tomorrow!! What are you targeting?
  13. saskcarp

    Ice Updates

    Saskatchewan,Regina area has been fishable ice for 5 days now.
  14. saskcarp


    YES! I get to go out for my first day's ice fishing on Tuesday thanks to the weather being cold enough and the WW2 veterans being respected by giving Sask a paid holiday in their remembrance. Anyone else been out ice fishing yet?
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