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  1. And as long as it runs well & suits your needs, the money your not spending on a new shiny boat, you can spend going to great fishing places or tricking out the accessories (newer depthfinder, GPS, or whatever else makes fishing enjoyable once in a while. I have a nice looking boat in good shape, but that is only second to reliability. I'm not knocking anyone who does have awesome boats, it's all about what does it for you. "It's better to want what you have than having what you want." L2f
  2. I'm just basing my observations on the number of people who were buying homes,cabins, vehicles, boats, jet skis during the "prosperous times" based on the inflated equity that many people knew couldn't be sustained for the duration of these debts created. The economy is cyclical, but many people bought many things based on their current incomes (then) Many of whom were younger & have only seen the "good years" not knowing that that may not be the case 5-10 years from then. I know the days of "save up" the good down payment on what you may want to purchase & then buy when you truly can afford it days are gone, but for a long time, it's just "finance it, & get it NOW, "why wait!" Always good for sales, but they really don't care if your life changes later & can't afford it anymore. People that have money, have it for a reason, they spend wisely, (unless it was given to them, then maybe not.) Luckey, your wife is exactly right. You'd like to think that this crash was a valuable lesson in managing your financial life, but we seem bound & determined to get this economy going by creating debt instead of employment first, in time people will borrow & buy. Just because someone would be willing to give me $10,000 for my average '98 boat & trailer, so that I will take out a loan & buy a $30,000 Ranger, doesn't mean I should, but it's sounds like a heck of a deal. I'm not wealthy by a long stretch in fact I don't have that much money at all, but I own what I have & am satisfied knowing I can survive tough times until things get better without losing anything. Don't buy into all the hype...common sense will prevail. No, I do not mean to pass judgement. L2f
  3. Luckey, you make some very good points. Unfortunately some of the "bail outs" don't make it to the people that need it the most & is given to large corporations that continue to spend it unwisely. By all means people than can take advantage should, but it seems, it's making some people that are finacially on the edge of making it & have a decent running "paid for" vehicle to go into debt to "save money" & hope they will have hours or a job to support the debt. Drowning people will grasp at any rope thrown to them regardless of what's at the other end. Unemployment is a great program if used properly, but far too many use it far longer than they should. Seems there should be more money given to create jobs & create incomes & people would go out & borrow even without incentives. Kind of like filling a lake with fish based on the promise of "the water is coming, just give it time". I don't pretend to have all the answers, just trying to make sense of it all. Although our need for "instant gratification" doesn't help. L2f
  4. This program sort of irritates me as does the $8000 cash back for a new home. They are enticing people to go out & get a loan for a car or a home they are not sure they can make the payments on for the number of years the loan is for, unless you are CERTAIN you're income will remain the same or increase during that time. If you are not CERTAIN of this (& how many of are), then you should stick with the "PAID FOR" vehicle that you own now until better times. Debt & spending is what makes the economical world spin, but you need JOBS & guarantees that the incomes can support the debt created. This illusion of "worth" is what supported the "great times" in the last five years that finally caught up & now we are paying for it. People buying things they TRULY can not afford, but we are going to start it all over again. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS< but that's not what they want you to do, it's not profitable for the economy, but go ahead, they just "bail out" those that are irresponsible & make bad decisions anyway right? Sorry for the rant, but am I right? L2f
  5. " after a while can twist up your line." There is no substitute for a quality ball bearing swivel that will greatly reduce line twist, all sizes are about $2.00 a piece, but worth it (tie a palomar knot to it) L2f
  6. 99 suburban 98 shorelander trailer ( not a fan of the light assembly you just push up in there) Yes the lights work on the truck. i believe after market plug & play I don't have another vehicle to test the trailer, but I do believe they work. I've also had the fuse blowing senerio, but with no consitency to put a finger on things. Mine was mostly brake lights (fuse) with the info you gave me I'll start the process of elimination. Thank you very much for your help guys! L2f
  7. Ok Doc, here's where it hurts! The truck is fine, but when I hook it up here is what I got: Brake lights only: Leftside - dim Rightside - BRIGHT Headlights only: Leftside-BRIGHT Rightside-dim Side markers are on & fine Brake & headlights same time: L-Bright R dim again Left signal: extremely weak (like you can barely see it) Right signal bright & works fine What do you think this could be?? Thanks L2f
  8. I used to do that too, but when line twist became a problem on my walleye rig & ultralight I put them on there too. I use lighter # test on my snells than I do on my reels so if I break off I don't lose the swivel. L2f
  9. I've always used Sampo ball bearing swivels,Cabela's swivels are good too, sure they are expensive usually $2.00+ each, so obviously a pack will run $12 or so for 10. But, they are going to help the most. Tie a good knot, keep the tag end short or leave it a little long & run it back through the eyelet pointing towards the end of the line. Also a person has to watch any rig or lure you put on the end & see what it's doing while being pulled, I've found that even a couple of split shots can be the culprit & definitely when using spinners or spoons. L2f
  10. I've had my AP for about a month & I find it very handy. Set the direction & speed & concentrate on fishing & watching the depthfider for info & not constantly adjusting the direction. I haven't looked into the benefits of the CP. Any ideas? L2f
  11. Call me strange, but I got very tired of the line twist thing, which eventually in time is a fact of life with spinning reels, but I put the 20 lb. test/ 6 lb. diameter Power Pro super braid on my spinning reels the put a QUALITY (Sampo) snap swivel on the end & put various types of snells on that. I've had far less troubles than with mono. I still need to do the line drag with nothing on it once in a great while. I've had that line on there for 2-3 years, might last longer. The quality ball bearing swivel is a real help though, yes they are expensive & no they are not all the same. L2f
  12. I've had mixed results & would probably like them better if they weren't $20 bucket.I'm sure it makes a big difference what pace you're fishing at as in swimming a spinner rig or hopping a jig as to the type of reaction bite the fish is giving at the time. If you are slowly Lindy rigging or dragging a jig they have a bit more time to scrutinize things. I will say though that fish do eat them, as I caught a lmit of crappies & I never lost my minnow, but there were two in with the fish in the livewell when I got home that they must have puked up, cause they weren't mine. L2f
  13. I also use a red light, it does help. Another trick is to keep a container of dry worm bedding to rub your fingers in now & again, making your grip on the crawlers a little better when they start getting slippery, especially if your doing it in a light rain. L2f
  14. It's just a specialized weedless plastic concept.As you can see the trick is in "working & twitching" the bait which you can do with any quality plastics. It's saavy marketing at it's best, nothing more. The new Gulp bait in the little buckets are better, but I'm not convinced of how much just yet. L2f
  15. You're probably right, I guess some things are not meant for everyone, & disclaimers & liability have become a way of life. For those unsure of themselves, you better go with the soapy water deal. Don't get it in you're eyes though! Just kidding. I guess I didn't really see the real danger as we've been doing this since we were kids, but we had an adult there & yes, you bump the rod with you're arm, you feel it. Just like working with something HOT, if it hurts when you do that, don't do that. L2f
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