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  1. I was a Special Ed teacher (high school) working with kids with Behavioral disorders, but recently became disabled and was forced to retire from it. I really miss it.
  2. Check out the East Metro Lakes heading and see whats going on at North and South Center.
  3. Gregory


    I'm 49, but suffering from ataxia, so I won't be able to walk for too many more years. I'm not sure how this will affect my fishing, so I'll try to get in as many good hours as are possible. Eventually, this thing will take my life, but if I can't fish, its not much of a life anyway. Is it?
  4. Had the driveway plowed out at the cabin near Backus, and the driver said he was consistantly seeing 12" in the area. Was an interesting drive home on Sunday morning.
  5. My choice is an 8" hand auger. When the ice gets thicker, I can really build up some muscles (or have a heart attack).
  6. Gregory

    Ice Updates

    The smaller lakes around Hackensack are iced over, but many of the larger and wind-exposed lakes are still open. Broadwater Bay of Woman Lake has ice all the way across, but not much on the main lake. I'm on Rice Potage and it is entirely iced over. I walked out about 50' and drilled a hole on Sunday, and drilled through 5-6" of ice, but I was still too leery about going out any farther because Big Portage was still mostly open. I'm afraid this week is gonna' be a killer for ice. Guess the wait continues.
  7. Gregory

    Ice Updates

    Many of the smaller lakes around Hackensack are iced over, but many are also ice-free. We had 5-6" off our shoreline on Rice Portage, but I think I'm still gonna' wait a while before venturing out too far. I'm afraid this week is gonna' be a killer for ice.
  8. Gregory

    Ice Updates

    We had 3" of ice on Rice Portage this morning, but I didn't have time to fish. I walked out and checked the depth of ice and it was 3" of clear ice. Next weekend for sure.
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