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  1. For me at least it is always encouaging to here of other fisherman practicing catch & release.However I do like to eat a few of whatever is plentiful.
  2. I've never posted & never fished Wissconsin. Could use some tips (at least on the latter) Meeting my son in Madison in a couple of weeks. We've been fishing Canada the past few yrs. -w- great success. Hooked for life on setting the hook on your northern fighting fish! I'm hoping to target smallies & please let me catch large northern.We've become accustom to the looming presence of muskie,last yr. my son caught a 44" . Here's my question, Where should I take him starting from Madison.Remembering that I'm using 17' fiberglass boat.Like to use our bait casters. Any knowlegable addvice would be much appriciated.Dont want to afford a guide.
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