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  1. tom donovan

    MAC- Leech Results

    any one fish this event, how many total teams was there
  2. tom donovan

    Fishing shows

    the dvr is the way to go
  3. tom donovan

    muskie lake list

    they get in green from the runoff from the hatchery,its not he only lake that has some over there.
  4. tom donovan

    Buying first boat for Musky/walleye need advice

    i am a ranger guy myself, on my third one, started off with a 1979 that my dad split the cost on, then got a 1990 tiller,now have a 681vs.have 2 kids that like to fish and the wife the tiller gave lots a room for them to do there own thing if they got tired,if you dont need the speed any glass tiller would be good.
  5. tom donovan


    thanks for the info guys, i'll let know how things go
  6. tom donovan

    Reel Salvaging

    have your dad replace the one he threw overboard, then clean the other one so you'll have an extra combo for when it happens again.
  7. tom donovan


    ok im going to northstar for 2 days and the v for 5 next week. haven't been to either this year yet. any lures been good or tips that might help out would be appreciated,hoping to get my 11 yearold his first. thanks
  8. tom donovan

    Some Of The Poorest Fish Handling Ever?

    that was annoying joe
  9. tom donovan

    mille lacs tourney

    muskies first had them
  10. tom donovan

    mille lacs tourney

    just read that there was only 13 boats, 26 anglers in the event.what do you think was the reason for the low turn out,the economy,or the bite,or any other reason. congrats to the winners
  11. tom donovan

    fixing a mag dawg

    i use a little pocket torch,does alright, or i will glue them when i get back home
  12. tom donovan

    Anyone fishing the Mille Lacs Muskie Tournament?

    Hamernick has pretty much owned this event, would not be surprised to see him do it again,he knows the the lake to well,but anyone could win. have to wait and see
  13. i use a 8'6" extra heavy gander mtn rod, handles the pounders, and was less than a hundred buh
  14. tom donovan

    Question for guys with Toros?

    used mine on monday, was throwing a pounder and engaged the reel in mid flight. lets just say it doesnt real up any more. lure didnt stop, made a bad sound as the line kept going out.loved the real though will be getting it relaced
  15. tom donovan

    Muskie fishing on Waconia

    try trolling