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  1. is the fence still available? Tried to e-mail but would not go through. E-mail me @ [email protected]
  2. Marum LX3, Marcum LXi , Marcum OVS 560 , Clearwater Classic
  3. topsecretrecipes.com has a lot of restaurant recipes also. They will even e-mail you every time a new recipe comes out.
  4. any pros and cons on the Fenwick HMX or HMZ series rods in the light action.
  5. which would be your choice between a light action or an ultra light? 5' or 6"
  6. Thanks crappiemagnet for the advice. That should help me out quite a bit.
  7. I'm looking for some good advice on what kind of rod and reel to get for summertime crappies and sunnies. I mainly ice fish and haven't done much summer fishing so I need all the help I can get.Trying to stay under a hundred bucks for the combo if that helps.
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