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  1. message left on your cell phone
  2. is the fence still available? Tried to e-mail but would not go through. E-mail me @ [email protected]
  3. safe ice

    What do you own?

    Marum LX3, Marcum LXi , Marcum OVS 560 , Clearwater Classic
  4. safe ice

    Restaurant Recipes

    topsecretrecipes.com has a lot of restaurant recipes also. They will even e-mail you every time a new recipe comes out.
  5. safe ice

    rod and reel combo

    any pros and cons on the Fenwick HMX or HMZ series rods in the light action.
  6. safe ice

    rod and reel combo

    which would be your choice between a light action or an ultra light? 5' or 6"
  7. safe ice

    rod and reel combo

    Thanks crappiemagnet for the advice. That should help me out quite a bit.
  8. safe ice

    rod and reel combo

    I'm looking for some good advice on what kind of rod and reel to get for summertime crappies and sunnies. I mainly ice fish and haven't done much summer fishing so I need all the help I can get.Trying to stay under a hundred bucks for the combo if that helps.