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  1. I'll take a copy too if you're still sending them out Schweady. My email is: [email protected] Thanks!
  2. What color(s) do you like Juan??
  3. Nice Smallie Corey-- that's a beast! Here's a few late ice bass pics from this March... Pretty fun on the panfish gear! Duck-o-holic
  4. How's it going Matt! I'm relocated to Owatonna-- and am pretty close to some lakes that you may or may not be familiar with Shoot me an email if you're ever fishing south of the metro... It would be fun to hook up on the water sometime! Duck-o-holic
  5. Wow! Those are some true pigs! I feel unworthy posting this, but here's a crappie caught on the backwaters a few weeks ago. Caught several 13-inchers, and nothing smaller then 11". Here was a bonus 25" Walleye caught on 4lb. test and a crappie jig! Duck-o-holic
  6. Walleye, I'll be in Owatonna on Monday. I'd love to take a look at it after 5pm if possible. You can email me @ [email protected] Thanks! Duck-o-holic
  7. Riverrat-- I paid $149 for a Cabela's lay-down blind last year. I'm extremely happy with it, and would recommend you check them out. I'll probably be picking another one up this summer. Basically 2 for the price of 1. The blind folds up to a backpack, and puts together very easily. Very roomy lengthwise, and has a decent profile heigthwise. Worth comparing to the others!
  8. Sounds like some great stuff! I don't think I've seen it before. We ended up with three follows on Saturday, and one follow on Sunday... no strikes though! How'd you guys do??
  9. The DNR has maps that list which bodies of water are deemed "public" or private. The lakes deemed public must have an access from a right-of-way, public access, connecting water source or similar means (excluding "parachuting"). In other words, if you had a land-locked water source, you could always use spin-wings in the past during duck opener. Does anybody know if the ban will go into effect for the 2005 season, or will it be going into effect next year?
  10. Saw a pair of geese with at least three small, fuzzy goslings on a bike path between Hutch and Cedar Mills. The mother was sitting right on the path, and couldn't tell if there were more huddled up against her.
  11. All this talk of fishing in duck boats has got me wondering... how many of you actually take your fishing gear out on duck hunting trips? I can't believe that on all of the great fishing lakes I've duck hunted, I've never packed a rod and tackle! Talk about the prime time of the year to be chasing hog walleyes! I can say I'm pretty one-track minded that time of the season... but come on? I really regret not tapping into the old "Cast and Blast" type of adventure! I think I've been missing the boat. How cool would that be to have a brace of divers and walleyes, or crappies and mallards? Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? What are your favorite areas to hit both?? My brother told me of waking up to shotgun fire at mallards on Leech when he was heading out after muskies. Duck-o-holic
  12. I'm debating where to fish on opener, as I have to work both Saturday and Sunday (I'd never allow that problem on duck opener!!! ). I'm thinking of heading out at midnight though, and one of the spots I'm toying with hitting is a river system that sports some nice spring eyes. This is a SMALL system though, and I'm more than likely hit it with my duck boat. Just curious how many others out there regularly fish our of their duck rigs? I have a backwater spot on a lake that I'd also prefer to hit with my duck rig. Lot's of trees, stumps, shallow water, etc... Anyone fish from a mud motor rig? My buddy tears up Lake Minnetonka in his mud motor rig regularly. Anyone heading out on opener in a canoe, Jon Boat, or other hunting boat??
  13. Good to hear from you Crusher! Now I'm dying to know the name of that product. I'll try to get ahold of you sometime this week. We'll have to hook up and do some fishing this summer. Maybe even on that "gem" of a lake you like to fish around here!
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