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  1. My female started having the same incontinence issues while sleeping at age three. The vet said the same thing that this happens sometimes at this age to spayed females. The low-dose estrogen (25 mg) has worked great. If she goes a day without it, she will leak while sleeping.
  2. I have a five year old gsp that developed the same problem a year ago. The vet diagnosed incontinence and prescribed a pill for it. She takes the pill once a day and has not had an accident since. She is also an indoor dog, so this was a good solution. If I forget the pill, she will usually pee while sleeping. I have heard this is fairly common and easily treated. Good luck.
  3. I needed a certificate last year to hunt out of state. I just did all the course work online and went and took the test with the kids. I did have to go the field day and was the only adult, but it wasn't bad. In all it was very easy and didn't take much time. The DNR HSOforum should list instructors in your area. Good luck.
  4. Would that be steel shot? Either way, I use #6-4 lead for pheasants. Steel or lead, that should be fine for pheasants. Especially early on if you are a decent shot. Ryan
  5. I have seen both cautious and uncautious dogs around fencelines. My inlaws have a shorthair that consistenly runs full bore into fences. She has been stiched up a few times, my dog seems aware of fences. She has never really hit one hard and always finds away through one without help. I think it depends on the dog and with experience they watch for them.
  6. check out catnipridge.com. i've hunted it with my young dog and had a great time. we had opportunities at plenty wild birds, plus the ones we bought. the guys set us up real good and the dog got lots of good experience on birds.
  7. I use the tritronics beeper and it works great. My dog thought it was a little weird at first in the yard, but she doesn't even notice it in the field. The only problem I had was it got soaked on opener this year and quit working. I sent it back to tritronics and they sent me a new one. It sure makes it easier to locate my dog on point.
  8. Thats kind of what we figured. Just wanted to know how others were doing. Thanks.
  9. I forgot to mention the majority of the crops were out.
  10. We were hunting public areas around Emmet and Dickinson counties. We were just suprised after hunting around Marshall, MN the week before where we saw about five times as many birds. We talked to some others hunting around the area and they weren't getting on many birds either. Maybe farther west there will be more birds.
  11. Has anyone been hunting NW Iowa this year. Two of us got five birds in two full days of hunting last weekend. We couldn't seem to find any pockets of birds.
  12. We hunted last weekend some public land around Estherville. Two of us got five birds in two days and was wondering how others were doing around this area. The birds seemed to be very spread out and we couldn't get into any concentrations. There must be pockets of birds somewhere around there?
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