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  1. when you drop the jig into that red does the jig show up? what you may be seeing is weeds that are makeing a pocket. you should see the jig in yellow then when you bring the jig above the red and you get green following that should be a fish. If the green following your jig starts to turn color it is a fish. try turning your gain downand that red should get smalleron the bottom
  2. try Stearns or SOS either one is great. make sure you get the longer ones. the short ones aren't as comfortable. I would also look at the automatic ones. You can set them off yourself or if for some reason you are unable to they will inflate for you. They have a sensor that is covered and won't go off till the water gets to the sensor. rain won't set them off. I use them early ice and when I'm on a new body of water that I don't know about the current.
  3. yes this can be done but you better make sure you know how or you will end up keeping the fish anyway. Walleye fishermen do this all the time when catching them in deep water.
  4. I've had one since they came out and haven't had any of the problems you have. I would get ahold of the manufacture and see what they say. Yes they do blow out if the wind is to bad but mine light easy and unless the wind blows it out it runs till I shut it down or it runs out of gas. Good luck Bob Cunningham
  5. All you have to have is your drivers license number in 2" letters. You can put it on some sign board and slide it in the window or the permit pouch
  6. They will show you structure and depth but not the fish andnot the fish takeing the jig. Look around there may be someone upgrading from the fl8 to the 18 and you could get a good but for just a little more.
  7. What year fish trap and what model. If last years and a guide or voyager it will almost fit inside. If you use a wheeler orsnomobile get a set of ryans yokes and mout on the machine this will keep it in place.
  8. the finniky fish factory has a jiggn tip-up box this could be what you want someone else may have the correct spelling of the name
  9. I think the SOS are a good idea even in the belt pack. I have been on 8" of ice and walked 100 yds. and found 2" anything that will keep you up and give you a chance to get on solid ground is good. Remember the word hypothermia this will kill you as much as drowning so get out and get help as fast as you can. Remember the other rule fish with a friend this can help save your life also.
  10. Lucky is right. After the guy with the electronics finds an area with fish anybody can fish there and catch them if they are good with a jig. The main idea with the vexilar or similar electronics is finding fish. I had a friend that would go out blind and complain that he couldn't catch fish. I showed him how to use the vex and now he owns one. His catch ratio really went up and he said he should have taken time to really use one sooner. I have places that I know the fish are there but a new lake is almost impossible unless you follow the crowd.
  11. I have droped a camera down the hole and saw a school of muskies and the same for bass and walleye. Perch are always in a school it seems and crappie must because when I start catching them I catch a bunch. Here in Illinois we have a couple spots we call catfish holes and when you get them going it's a blast and nothing to catch a 100 or more a day.
  12. Yes I've used it and it's fun landing a big northern on a jig pole. Just leave your bail open till you are ready to set the hook, pickup the rod let the fish run set and the fun begins. You can also use this from shore in the summer time just put a small stake to hold it to the ground.
  13. Look in the infisherman 2004 ice guide there is a picture there.
  14. Tbone could you get me some info Down here in Illinois. Your product is of interest here also with no one around that know's where or how to get them. Thanks You can e-mail me at [email protected]
  15. I think that if you don't support your local bait shop he won't be there one day. A good local has more info and is more personal than what you get from the computer. Yes we all by something from these machines but in my case only if I need it fast and my local doesn't have it. As a matter of fact my local dealer told me to buy something that his suppliers couldn't get or didn't know of. He then showed it to his suppliers and made contact with the manufacturer. You don't get this at all the big stores or the computer. The last issue is that buying local helps support your community(schools,fire,rescue,police)thru the taxes that he collects and pays back to the state,cty,etc. He also puts people to work not on unemployment. unless we don't support them.
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