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  1. Looks like I will need to keep my Eskimo 949 longer than I'd planned so I wondered what has worked the best to reduce condensation in un=insulated houses? Something that is easy to install, take down or out at the end of the day, etc. is what I am looking for. Getting tired of needing a raincoat or a thick towel to keep wiping things. In the past I think there were some refererences to reflectix or some other types of products, but I can't seem to find those posts. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Hi! I like my Humminbird 35 for the little ice fishing I do, except for that extra cord that supposedly supports the transducer. What a pain to keep taut and just seems to be another thing for the jigs or fish to wrap around. Is it really needed? Are the H bird transducer cables that weak? I see all these shows with other brands going in and out of the water, fish after fish, with no seemingly problems. Just wondering! A very Merry Christmas to all!
  3. Thanks for alli the input. Yes, I always use non oxy gas, but don't know what previous owner used for sure, since he was, shall we say, less than truthful about several other things regarding the boat,motor and trailer. Wish I was more mechanically inclined, but I know I better have a pro look at it and fix it so I can finally use it. Hope to have it going for the opener. Getting anxious.
  4. Trying to get some idea as to how much I will need to spend to get my 1997 Yamaha 30 hp running again. The motor sat for nearly 11/2 yrs after I had bought it. before I got around to starting it in Oct. I followed the owner's manual recommendation to use pre-mix 50:1 gas oil, even though it has oil injection. Anyway, motor would start(Elec. start), not real quickly, but after starting, would begin to cough and then choke out after a few seconds.This happened repeatedly despite different choke settings, etc.until I finally thought it better to quit fooling with it. Called a repair place in my hometown outside the metro and he wanted to wait till Spring to look at it. Said it probably needs new carb kits or carbs and plugs. Also want him to put in new impeller and lower unit seals. Just wondering what an ave. fair price would be to have that done, provided there isn't anything else wrong? I live in SW Metro area, but really don't know where to take it around here that I trust anymore. any ideas, help would be greatly appreciated. Repairman didn't want to give est. without looking at it. Can't blame him, but don't want to get totally ripped off either.
  5. jmg

    Navionics Issue

    Just Downloaded Navionics USA on a new phone and discovered that the satellite map of my house has the street incorrectly named. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this with Navionics or any other mapping apps, etc.? Any ideas as to who to contact to correct this? We have lived at same address for 38 yrs and never had a problem until mapquest and other services came into play. Even had Chinese food delivery person go ballistic towards our daughter, insisting she didn't know our address. What a complicated place the world has become.
  6. Thanks to both of you. The appetizer we had was deep fried, much like Del's recipe, but Rebel's sounds great, too. Guess we'll have to make both kinds. Any twists on tartar based dipping sauces?
  7. My wife and I and another couple were out for dinner a few wks. ago and ordered Parmesan encrusted walleye fingers as an appetizer. They were quite tasty so I was wondering if one of you great chefs has such a recipe you'd be willing to share? Pressure is on to make these for some more fish loving guests.
  8. Is anybody out there trying this technique?
  9. I was thinking about getting serious about doing some weed walleye fishing with swimbaits, but unsure if I need to use braid and, if so, tie directly or use fluoro leader section? I also thought about a 12-14lb. Copolymer mono. Need something that will work with med. size spinning reel. Any thoughts? Wishing all the Papas out there a happy fathers' day!
  10. Paceman, A buddy showed me the bungey cord method years ago and it's worked just fine. Keeps everything secured with just a little give for the road bumps.
  11. Brother and I survived our semi-annual adventure into "combat" fishing on one of our local trout lakes and each came away with a limit of the little rainbow delights. Now, what are some of your favorite ways to prepare these critters? I usually just pan fry them gently after dusting with a little seasoned flour and maybe use a squirt of fresh lemon over it before eating. But, I would like to get some other ideas that have been tried and voted keeper by the diners. I want to have some guests over for dinner who haven't eaten trout before, just walleyes, which they love. Since trout and walleyes have their own flavor characteristics, I don't want them to be turned off to the trout. That's why I am reaching out for ideas. Wishing you all a safe, successful season for whatever species you are after.
  12. Since the water temps should continue to climb before the 14th, will the old, reliable jig and minnow combo be the ticket or will spinners and crawlers shine? I'm thinking about snell/ spinner rigs, but unsure if heavier mono or fluoro is better? Why would fluoro be a good choice when it sinks? I realize it's supposed to be more invisible to the fish, but is it good, if it sinks into the bottom muck at slower speeds? Seems like a lot of companies are using it. Any thoughts?
  13. Hi! Bought a used boat last yr. that I have been tinkering with and hope to have ready for the opener. I replaced the tires and wheels on the trailer, but did not take the hubs off to inspect the bearings, races, etc. Since I have found that the previous owner did not maintain the boat and motor as well as he should have and just said, regarding the bearings, that he'd squirt a little grease once in awhile into the bearing buddies, I doubt if he ever repacked the bearings. Since the trailer is a 1996 model and I'm not the most mechanically inclined, I thought I would just replace the hub assemblies with new ones that come pre-greased. I started looking at reviews and the ones I was going to get at a "Northern" store seemed to get shot down as having poor quality bearings. I am also looking at Tie Down Engineering models, including those with zerk fittings that allow re-greasing quite easily. Anybody have any thoughts, experiences with any particular brands that are good? Will appreciate any help as it gets confusing with all the choices out there. Probably won't put more than 800-1200 miles/yr. on them, but want something good and reliable. Thanks!
  14. Having friends over tomorow night for walleye dinner. Besides cole slaw, just wondering what some of your fav. sides are, esp. quick and easy ones? Thanks.
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