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  1. Looks like I will need to keep my Eskimo 949 longer than I'd planned so I wondered what has worked the best to reduce condensation in un=insulated houses? Something that is easy to install, take down or out at the end of the day, etc. is what I am looking for. Getting tired of needing a raincoat or a thick towel to keep wiping things. In the past I think there were some refererences to reflectix or some other types of products, but I can't seem to find those posts. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Hi! I like my Humminbird 35 for the little ice fishing I do, except for that extra cord that supposedly supports the transducer. What a pain to keep taut and just seems to be another thing for the jigs or fish to wrap around. Is it really needed? Are the H bird transducer cables that weak? I see all these shows with other brands going in and out of the water, fish after fish, with no seemingly problems. Just wondering! A very Merry Christmas to all!
  3. Thanks for the input. I, too, try to store line in a good environment for it. But, I was just curious if I'd missed a mfr. date on the packages. Will continue to buy good line and hope for the best. Getting anxious for the opener.
  4. That time of year when I start thinking about putting new line on reels. Seems like lots of places from reg. stores to online places to sportshows have great deals on line right now, but, how can you tell if what you're getting is new or clearance junk from 5 yr. old inventory? I realize the labels can indicate part of this, since much is "New and Improved" every couple years, but is there a code on the box or spool to indicate yr. of manufacture? Seems important regarding mono, at least, since we usually don't know the storage conditions, etc. Just hate to put on new stuff that might be older than what was on the reels last year. I know some will just say put on superline on all reels , but not convinced of that yet. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks for alli the input. Yes, I always use non oxy gas, but don't know what previous owner used for sure, since he was, shall we say, less than truthful about several other things regarding the boat,motor and trailer. Wish I was more mechanically inclined, but I know I better have a pro look at it and fix it so I can finally use it. Hope to have it going for the opener. Getting anxious.
  6. Trying to get some idea as to how much I will need to spend to get my 1997 Yamaha 30 hp running again. The motor sat for nearly 11/2 yrs after I had bought it. before I got around to starting it in Oct. I followed the owner's manual recommendation to use pre-mix 50:1 gas oil, even though it has oil injection. Anyway, motor would start(Elec. start), not real quickly, but after starting, would begin to cough and then choke out after a few seconds.This happened repeatedly despite different choke settings, etc.until I finally thought it better to quit fooling with it. Called a repair place in my hometown outside the metro and he wanted to wait till Spring to look at it. Said it probably needs new carb kits or carbs and plugs. Also want him to put in new impeller and lower unit seals. Just wondering what an ave. fair price would be to have that done, provided there isn't anything else wrong? I live in SW Metro area, but really don't know where to take it around here that I trust anymore. any ideas, help would be greatly appreciated. Repairman didn't want to give est. without looking at it. Can't blame him, but don't want to get totally ripped off either.
  7. jmg

    Navionics Issue

    Just Downloaded Navionics USA on a new phone and discovered that the satellite map of my house has the street incorrectly named. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this with Navionics or any other mapping apps, etc.? Any ideas as to who to contact to correct this? We have lived at same address for 38 yrs and never had a problem until mapquest and other services came into play. Even had Chinese food delivery person go ballistic towards our daughter, insisting she didn't know our address. What a complicated place the world has become.
  8. Thanks. For now, I'm planning on keeping things more movable or portable till I can figure out the most comfortable spot in my tiller boat. So the liquid tape sounds like the way to go.
  9. Still wondering about best way to handle the brown and blue wires that I won't be using. Is an electrical tape ok or should I dunk the wires in liquid tape?
  10. Sorry, I thought the model was listed on the title of my question. Anyway, Garmin 53dv EchoMap. This one has downview, but is chirpless. Seems like nice unit, tough. Just wondered about those 2 wires. Thanks.
  11. My backordered Garmin just arrived and I have a question that is probably a Kindergarten level electrical question so please forgive my ignorance, as this is the first sonar/GPS combo I have had. This one is replacing my old, but usually trusty, Eagle 480. Anyway, the power cable has 4 wires coming out of it, red, black, brown and blue. I know the red and black are for power connections, but what are the other 2 for? If I do not have any other device with which to share info, do I just cover the ends with electrical tape and forget about them or do I need to do something else? Don't want to wreck something before I get to use it. Also, regarding power supply, do you think it will give good performance if I run it off a freshly charged 12 V 7 or 9ah battery or do I need to hook it up to my boat battery? Usually, most trips are 6 hrs. or less. I have a size 31 dual purpose for starting and troll. motor, but will I pick up too much interference for the locator from those 2 items? As usual, any help, thoughts, etc. will be greatly appreciated.
  12. My WorkSharp arrived last week and I have been very impressed with how quick and easy it is to use and how nice it is to once again have kitchen knives that can cut 1/16-1/8 inch tomato slices with ease.
  13. Just wondering if anyone bought a HBird. Helix 5DI/GPS combo with the Navionics+ that the big C store has on sale right now? Thinking about getting one, since the price seems real good, but I keep thinking there must be a reason for that good of price besides end of season and I hate to find out some other reason AFTER the purchase. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. Wife gave me ok to order a work sharpfor Birthday present. Planned to use sharpener for kitchen and filet knives, but maybe also or scissors and pruning shears. Will the reg. one do all that or do I need to spend a bunch more for the Ken Onion model? Would rather buy fishing accessories than pay the extra for the KO, but want to be happy with purchase. Thoughts?
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