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  1. There is a new 30-30 bullet with a soft pointed tip that allows ballistics closer to a .308 round. The older round nose bullets are not very accurate past 100 yards. There are lever action rifles that use a clip style magazine rather than a tubular magazine that will allow you to shoot more long distance rounds like .308 or .270. I think Browning makes them. BOYZ
  2. I just heard about a lady in Berne, MN, north of Mantorville, that had a dog show up at their house that sounds like an English Setter. They called the local law enforcement, but no one has reported a missing dog that fits the description. My info is second-hand but what I know is: it didn't have a collar, is black and white, seems to be a young dog, and is well behaved. If you know of anyone who lost a black and white setter or spaniel in that area, I will get the lady's name and number. BOYZ
  3. The carts work OK off the trails if the woods isn't too thick. The worst is on a side hill trying to go over logs. They tend to tip over on their side. I would travel much lighter if I didn't use the cart. BOYZ
  4. My sons and I hunt a state park during the firearm season. They do not allow you to leave your stand up overnight so we haul everything in each morning and take it out at night. Because we want to hunt as far as possible from the road, we haul everything in on a 2 wheeled deer cart we bought at Cabelas. On the way in, we put our backpacks on the bottom then strap the stands on top. This keeps everything as quiet as possible. We lock the cart to a tree away from our stands. On the way out we put the deer(we have fit 2)on the cart then the stands then our backpacks with rachet straps to hold everything on. With 2 deer, 2 stands, and 2 backpacks, it's quite a load but easier than carrying the gear and dragging the deer. If you buy a cart get the magnum size with the taller wheels. It's easier to get it over logs and wider so it won't tip over so easy. Who said hunting was supposed to be easy? BOYZ
  5. Thanks for the information. This is the first year I have had to worry about this. I arrowed a doe a couple of weeks ago and I would take another if I have the chance. BOYZ
  6. That's what I thought but the language in the laws made me wonder about the whole 3A vs. 3B area classification. Happy Hunting!
  7. How many deer can I harvest with my bow in Zone 3 in SE MN. The area I hunt is a Lottery area during the 3A firearm season and it's an Intensive harvest area during the 3B season. I have bonus permits but I don't know if I can use them.
  8. I arrowed a doe at 8:15am Sunday morning. Because I wasn't sure of the shot, I let it go for 4 hours before I started to trail it. It only went 50 yards from my stand and i found it in 15 minutes. The coyotes found it before me. Both hind quarters were gone and the entrance wound was eaten out. Too bad to lose half a deer. BOYZ
  9. Give the young man the print. That's the best picture of a hunter and a turkey I have ever seen. Beautiful! Great Job, Jackpine!
  10. No kidding! I've been worthless all week. The Boyz and I are heading to Forestville to look for "Monster Does". The park is Antlerless only, but that's OK. We will do our part controlling the numbers this year and look for a big buck next year. Good Luck and Be Safe!
  11. Sore joints and limping can also be a symptom of Lyme's disease. Have you noticed any deer ticks on him/her? A trip to the Vet might be the best idea. Boyz
  12. Congrats Nuts and Catchnmall, That's a great story. Now you have me thinking about applying again. The Ontario hunt sounds interesting too. Maybe someone has some info about hunting moose up there. Boyz
  13. Thanks for the info. From the deafening roar of silence, it sounds like I will be there all by myself. That's OK with me. Boyz
  14. I don't remember hearing your name but I see you are a RN, I'm a RT at Mayo. My last name is Schlotthauer. Take Care.
  15. Back in the 80's I used to do pretty well down there. I would walk the edges of the hill tops where the Poplars grow.
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