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  1. We have a bunch of striped gophers at our place. I planted sweet corn, and they are digging up the corn at 1-2 inches tall. They leave a small hole where each plant was coming up, about the size of a marble, and the corn disappears. What can I do to keep them out of there? I am already going to have to replant, they have eaten almost half of the plants so far.
  2. I am looking to rent a two man sleeper to haul to Leech Lake in a few weeks. There used to be a business in Walker that rented sleeper houses to haul out yourself, I cant find any info on that anymore though. Does anyone know where I can rent a sleeper for a weekend? Thanks!
  3. Let me guess blue heeler guy. You also bought hunting land adjacent to public hunting land, and you are [PoorWordUsage] OFF that the public land hunters are hunting near your private property??? If fishing is secondary and you just want to play cards, why the hell do you care if there are portables near you? You sound like a little baby. And I'm just going to guess, your house is probably worth over $20k? Cause the only people that whine and complain like you are the ones that have it all... But want more. Its not YOUR LAKE!
  4. The last pair of boots I had worked great for pheasant and deer hunting, along with ice fishing and all winter use. I didn't mean early pheasant season when i just wear hiking shoes, i meant for late season and winter. I had a pair of $50 Texas Steer boots that I wore for everything November through the winter and they never got too hot or too cold. The only problem is I dont remember if they were 200,400,600, or 800 gram insulation. They lasted 5 years but cant find any info on them anymore online.
  5. For the most part I'm stationary, I ice fish 5-10 times a year and maybe move one time each time out. Just need something comfortable for fishing, blowing out the drive, pheasant hunting, and deer hunting. So I'm thinking the 2000 might be a bit heavy, I just hope I can return them!
  6. For Christmas I got a pair of Itasca hunting boots, they are 2000 gram insulation. I wore them once pheasant hunting and once ice fishing so far, they are very light and comfortable, only problem is they are too warm, especially walking during pheasant hunting. I don't remember what my last pair had for insulation, the tag didn't say. What is recommended for all around hunting, ice fishing, and wearing through late fall/winter? I'm wondering if I should return the pair and get less thinsulate. What does everyone use on here? Thanks!
  7. My wife's elantra has the same issue, the Hyundai dealership says there is no rear alignment on that car, and the issue is that the rear end is so light it makes the tires wear very fast and uneven, and they have to be rotated every 3000 miles. We went through two sets of tires in two years, just found out the issue on the third set. Should be some sort of recall from engineering defect, but there is not. So we have to now rotate tires once a month with the miles she puts on. What a joke!
  8. As far as burning my clothes and the house, im not too worried about that. I have only owned a sunflower and have been ice fishing with it for about 12 years, and have never burned my house or a piece of clothing. Is the big buddy a lot safer than the sunflower? I have never had headaches or anything like that like some people have mentioned. I can get the sunflower on sale for $35 and the big buddy for $99 plus the hose so about $80 more to go with the big buddy. I dont think the smaller buddy heater would work, i fished a few years ago with a friend and his buddy heater barely heated my 5' b
  9. I am trying to decide which heater to buy to use in my portable.I'm deciding between a big buddy for $100, or a Mr heater sunflower for $35 or Dyna-glo sunflower heater in 2019. Is the big buddy worth the extra money or should I stick with the sunflower heater? Which sunflower heater is best? With the hose it would be about $85 more to buy the big buddy, just wondering if its worth the extra money?? Thanks
  10. I am buying a big buddy heater this week, and wondering where is the best place to buy the hose to connect to the 20 lb propane tank? The heater is $98 at runnings which is the best price I can find, but the hose is expensive there!
  11. I have always used a propane lantern in my 5X6 clam portable but looking for a different lighting system. What is a cheap alternative to the propane lantern? The green 1 lb tanks are getting pretty expensive, hoping to find another way to light the house, thanks.
  12. I'm wondering what size line I should spool up my two light action rods. I only ice fish 5-6 times a year and mostly crappie fish, but we like to head to red once a year to catch walleyes. What is the best size line for all purpose rods? I always use 6lb but was thinking of downsizing to 4 or even 2 lb test. What should I spool up with this winter?? Thanks
  13. Well I'm hoping the hose was the issue. I fired up the truck, it jumped over 2000 rpm, shut it down and looked for a loose hose. I tugged on a hose nearby and it popped loose very easy. So I reconnected it, started the truck, and it idled at 700. Drove to town put in park and it jumped over 2000 again, drove home put in park and it idled normal. So it happened once after the loose connection, not sure if the problem is solved yet but its a lot better than it was yesterday and earlier today. Thanks for the input, and I'll check a little closer tomorrow morning to see if anything else might be l
  14. I had the post last week about replacing my thermostat. When I replaced it the hose leaked almost a gallon of antifreeze on the motor. Ever since then, every time the truck warms up and I put in park, the rpms spike to around 2200. I put back in drive and it runs fine until I put it in park again. At first it only happened after driving the truck 20 minutes or more, but now the rpms stay way up there even when the motor is cool, problem seems to be getting worse. I'm sure something got wet from the antifreeze spill, anyone have any input as to what may be the problem? The truck drives fine its
  15. The only problem was I got your suggestion after I had removed the hose and it drained out, otherwise I would have taken your advice. I'll check out that forum, thanks
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