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  1. Think I'll stick with eatin' bass and muskies...MMMMMMMmmmmm
  2. Sorry 'bout the loss, [edited by admin, have some heart]
  3. I'm all against it...put these freeloaders to work. The state could give them some venison AFTER they clean up a few road ditches or lake shores. Most of these so-called needy people are just too darn lazy to get off their butts. Personally, I think they're too used to being on the "gravy-train"! Some nerve...complaining about not getting enough and driving around in a new vehicle. Oh well, that's our welfare system for you!
  4. I do the same with muskies...soak in milk overnite and bake on grill..MMMmmmmmmm
  5. How do the rest of you preserve your waterfowl for mounting? Also, how long will they last in freezer? I have a nice woodie in the freezer(short on funds). One of my buddies told me to tuck head under wing and put it in pantyhose stocking, then in paper grocery bag. Said it should be good for quite a while. What's your input on this?
  6. Hey! To be a US citizen, you have to be able to read, write, speak and understand english. It is one of the requirements under the naturalization laws.
  7. FoolNFish

    legality question

    Whoa there lawdog...some pellet guns shoot the pellets or bb's by means of a spring...guess that type would be legal then!
  8. send me some pics, too! sounds like a great idea. [email protected] thanks in advance
  9. Hmmm...decoys left out on public water overnight? I think they'd become my property or maybe I'd give 'em to some young hunter that is just starting and can't afford decoys. It would seem to me that the people that left them out there didn't really need them. Besides, wouldn't you actually be doing them a favor by picking them up and saving them the fine for leaving them out? But that's just my opinion.
  10. Surprisingly, the shooting didn't really start until shortly after 9 where we were(fed. land all around). But then the fed C.O. officer lives close by it. Lots of "amatuers" out there skybusting and I mean shots that were well over 150 yds. I still feel I should'a went over and confronted them but figured "Oh Well, let'em waste their shells". Besides, they were chasing the ducks across to us. As for decoys left out on public water...yup, they become public property and are up for grabs...at least that's my opinion!
  11. If you'd be headiing towards New Ulm or Springfield I'd take 'em off your hands. email: jtw @ hutchtel . net (no spaces)
  12. Yep, you are right...these are considered "motorized" under the laws this year.
  13. So...did you catch and release or take a few home for eatin'? LOL
  14. I just bought a '05 18ft. Tracker Tundra DC w/115 Merc. Still having warranty issues with Tracker Co. and Link's in St. Cloud, but will let you know how it all turns out. I really like all the storage room/compartments and it's a sharp set-up, too. I won't say anything else right now because I don't want to hurt anyone's reputation before they get a chance to fix everything.
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