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  1. TR21

    Cougar sighting in Champlin

    Those aren't cougars they are alley cats, really old alley cats!
  2. TR21

    Viking Safties

    Steve nailed it right on the head. It is the style of play being exhibited by 90% of the players in todays game. It is encouraged both by television and high school and college coaches as well. It is indicative of todays athletes - the whole intimidation thing that is exhibited in most sports today.Technique has gone out the window in favor of the big hit along with the taunting by a tackler after a 20 yard run. If we attempted to hit a running back up high without wrapping up in college or the pros it would have been a very long day for us in practice.It's just the current state of the game.
  3. TR21

    Honest Timberwolves Question

    They can run the fast break now that they have someone to rebound - Love. He makes that team go.
  4. TR21

    Just Seen A RAPTOR!!!

    The funny thing is you know people will buy that truck and it will never see off road. I test drove one and it is definitely built for off road use - its not a smooth ride and thr tires make a lot of noise but it is nice. I really don't know what Ford is doing with this type of truck though - it really targets a select market.
  5. TR21

    Boat Show vs Parade of Boats

    mnfishingguy, Can't see how there will be a Triton dealer at the boat show unless he is from out of state. Triton says there are no dealers in state now. Closest is in Wisconsin.
  6. Great news today Josh! Keep up the good work.
  7. TR21

    2009-2010 Gophers

    Sometimes its hard to take the AAU out of the player. When it comes down to it and the game is on the line instincts vs. coaching takes over and what most of these players regress to is their AAU play which is run and gun.
  8. TR21

    Brewster's House For Sale

    The home is in Shorewood and is listed for 2.1 million.
  9. TR21

    Brewster's House For Sale

    Couple that new stadium with ,lets say, Tony Dungy as coach and we would get some nice players to come here.
  10. TR21

    2010 F150

    I get 16-17 with my 07 with a 5.4 ,but I have the 3.73 rear end as well. The 3.31 is going to get better highway mileage for sure. Congrats on the truck.
  11. TR21

    Vikes better hope Saints get beat

    I agree Zamboni, strength of schedule means very little. More important is how teams match up against each other. One teams strengths vs. another teams weaknesses. Also important is when you play a team - who is out, is a team traveling west coast to east coast, did you catch them on a short week, home field advantage? These are more important factors when teams end up playing each other.
  12. TR21

    Twin Cities BPS

    The City of Ramsey has had preliminary discussions with BPS to locate in their Town Center but I have not heard anything lately. The MOA location is no longer an option.
  13. Josh, Time to start taking those small steps to recovery. It will take a while but with the support group at home and here it will come. Take some time, get back on your feet and we will see you back here in no time.
  14. TR21

    Vikings playoff hopes.

    Not so fast my friend! I don't believe the Pats have the defense to stay with the Saints. I agree, it will be a nice game to watch-maybe a shoot out.