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  1. MikeEiden

    Bowtech Admiral or Captain

    Well I just bought a Bowtech Assassin Black Ops 60-70# less sight, rest, quiver $450 unregistered so it will have warranty. Only shot a few times. I know there are nicer bows but should be a decent hunting rig and definitely an up grade from the ol' Diamond Rapture. Thanks for help guys, Mike
  2. MikeEiden

    Bowtech Admiral or Captain

    Never considered the General but will keep an eye for one. Really the only bowtech bows I've shot is the Assassin and I drew back the Destroyer. I've also shot the black ice and a PSE EVO. Each one definitely had it's own draw cycle, none that I didn't think I could get used to, but that's my limited experience so far. Might give you guys something to compare to. I liked the valley and letoff of the Assassin. It did have a little hard role going into the letoff but from there it was nice with solid wall. Blackice was decent at everything also. PSE was what I would expect from a speed bow and really what I'm looking to get right now. Just to many options I guess. Just really looking for a smooth shooter, quiet, and fairly easy to pull and let down in a stand. Oh ya, pulled back the new diamonds and the are not for me. Noticeable humps and hard to let down slow. You can tell they went for speed because that thing wants to send an arrow right now! Well I'm going to keep looking and thanks again for the suggestions. Keep'em coming.
  3. MikeEiden

    Bowtech Admiral or Captain

    Price was part of it. I can get a NIB 2010 Captain for $490 right now but sure it won't last. I've never shot a CP bow and read many good things. I appreciate the insight on the draw cycle as I have seen others say it is pretty harsh; then next forum people say it's not bad. I forgot about AC! Would be worth the trip anyways to check out the new store. I do appreciate the suggestions guys. Helps to bounce things off you folks. Mike
  4. MikeEiden

    Bowtech Admiral or Captain

    Ya, I have been to L&M but they don't have any. I did shoot the Assassin and a few others while I was there. I also tried 4 Rivers in Floodwood but they have only 2011 stuff also. I'll give that shop in Hakensack a try. A lot of nice bows out there but wanted to try a few more before buying. Thanks for the reply, Mike
  5. Does anyone in the Grand Rapids area have either of these bows? I've been thinking of buying one but can't seem to find any locally to test drive. I would appreciate anyone willing to let me take a few shots with theirs to see how they feel. Thanks, Mike
  6. MikeEiden

    Tracker vs Alumacraft/Crestliner/Lund

    To be honest unless you spend some time on the water in a number of different boats you wouldn't really notice some of these details mentioned. It really comes down to what you expect out of your boat. And being a new boat owner you might never know the difference. Like EsoxMag, he thinks Targa's are fine fishing boats but there is some things that could be improved upon; whereas may not have the same complaints. Definitly listen to what people say and sometimes you'll see a trend (such as power, rod lockers, seating, etc) and if that is an item that may be concerning down the road then go a different route. I just looked up the new Targa and I see Tracker has improved their packages some. Before you got a 52-55lb 12V cable steer MG TM. Now I see they offer 70lb 24V PD. And that Lowrance Mark-5x for a basic locator isn't really all that bad. The Hummingbird that came in my 2001 has pixels similar to Super Mario Bros and a screen size of an I-phone. Anyways, for a fishing ready package 18' (19'1") boat for around $20K new isn't to bad. Again, I've fished in a number of other boats and there are some nice rigs that offer more stability and possibly better built but it has never been a landslide. And once I see the price tag the boat envy stops cold! If you can wait till summer maybe you can test drive some rigs or meet up with others and fish out of their boats. If anything take along a group of friends that own boats and have them pick out stuff they like and dislike. You may not have notice these items on your own. Then weigh your options that are most important and get the big dollar items you want/need up front. Like Greg has said a few times. Don't do what I did and say it will be good enough. Btw, the head spins stop when you're running across the lake in your new rig!
  7. MikeEiden

    Tracker vs Alumacraft/Crestliner/Lund

    Each brand will have its share of issues. As for Merc they are a good motor. Factor in how many of them have been sold over the decades and you'll expect to hear a few more horror stories. Plan ol' statistics. I have 2 buddies right now that haven't been able to hardly use their boats the past two summers because of powerhead failures on the Etec. One is a 90hp and the other a 50. Greg there were many reason why I went with the Merc 4-stroke. First off the price was far below other brands. T&M Marine had the best prices I could find anywhere. The 4-stroke went for $7500 and the Opti was $7100. I was going to put an Opti on it but they were backordered and the wife really wanted the 4-stroke for quietness. Also since I had a Merc on my boat I didn't have to change controls or wiring harness. After everything was said and done with my trade-in (which I got a fair price) the upgrade cost me $6000 which I did put back on the loan. I still owe less total than what it would have costed me to buy another brand. Even if I was to factor in the kicker and Terrova. I wish I could have the Opti performance but the 4-stroke isn't that bad. Just not what I first expected or wanted it to be. By the end of the season I was really enjoying my 'new' boat. As to the orginal poster, I drowled over the Superhawk and Trophy when I was looking to buy. Layouts are nice and great stable boat. Good luck finding your new ride!
  8. MikeEiden

    Tracker vs Alumacraft/Crestliner/Lund

    BoxMN makes a good point. My new outboard is a Merc 4-stroke and regulars on this forums know the trials I went through in prop selection and trying to get to the point of being satisfied with its performance. And I still think more can be had from it. Because these motors need to be spun a little higher than the 2-strokes there are trade offs with hole shot vs. top speed since you have to prop it more for one or the other. I've grown to really like my new motor but after going from an underpowered rig I wanted some performance and it just wasn't what I expected at first. The family really appreciates the quietness and its really smooth running.
  9. MikeEiden

    Tracker vs Alumacraft/Crestliner/Lund

    Well it wouldn't have paid for a Lund I was in his same shoes when I bought this boat. I'll share a little more on how I ended up with this boat because I'm sure he can relate. When I was looking any 'namebrand' boat with a 90hp or bigger was over $12K even if it was a 15yr old Lund. I didn't want to pay that much for an older outboard and inherit any issues they may have been dealing with. Motor problems will ruin any experience no matter what its bolted to. Well this Tracker boat was 4 years old in mint condition, and had 49hrs on the outboard. Which doesn't guarantee there wouldn't be any problems but it reduces the chances of having to deal with motor 'fatigue'. The package met my needs and I knew it was a little underpowered but the guy claimed it did 36mph and that was plenty for me and these smaller lakes I fished. It actually ran 34 on the gps suprisingly. And it was thousands under everything I looked at. Bought it for $9K to be exactly. The boat and outboard was very reliable and worked fine (for many years) for me and one other but with the wife and 3 kids it was to gutless for my likings. Also that cable steer TM I had meant I was stuck in the bow so it made things more difficult to take the family fishing. Anyways, it was almost paid for so it was a far better choice to upgrade the big motor and other options than to look for another new or used one. Trust me, I looked at new boats and they are spendy. Now I have a boat thats in great shape with brand new power supplies for far less than I could have found anywhere. Yes I had to upgrade which hopefully this person can avoid. I did so for personal preference but was not required. If you could find a Targa with at least a 90 but would recommend the 115 or bigger for a reasonable price I wouldn't hesitate to check it out. It's difficult to purchase something that has all the options you want up front, especially when you haven't had a lot of experience and are not quite sure what you want or need. So some upgrades could be expected at some point in time. Again, don't buy a boat just because its a Lund, Alumacraft, etc... look at the whole package and especially the outboard which is the spendy part (I should know!). They're only as good as what pushes it.
  10. MikeEiden

    Tracker vs Alumacraft/Crestliner/Lund

    I own a 2001 Tracker Targa 17WT (bought used in 2005 and my first boat) and its a good multipurpose boat for the money. Many people are really impressed with it when I take them out and they own lunds and every other brand so that has to say something. I keep it covered and stored in a garage so that helps with keeping it really good shape. As mentioned they draw you in with their baseline packages (under powered motor/TM, cheap graph). Even if you are not a serious fisherman don't settle for less than adequate equipment because you will regret it later. I bought my boat used with a 75hp (rated up to 150) and it had a 52lb TM. It was great for a couple of years but the lack of power limited my fishability and made things frustrating at times. I repowered it with a Merc 115 4-stroke, 80lb Minnkota Terrova, and 8hp Nissan kicker; so some significant upgrades and fell in love with it all over again. Point being is its the same boat but fishes much better (like a whole different boat) so give these other items just as much consideration as what type of boat. All of these brands of boats will meet your needs just fine so just find one with the features and layout you want and DON'T SKIMP ON THE POWER. Tracker is a fine boat, the other ones mentioned I do agree are better to some degree, and if you are buying new I will say I've heard Tracker has horrible customer service. Good luck on the new boat.
  11. MikeEiden

    Hitch for Polaris Switchback

    Thanks tipup. When I was looking at a different sled it required to buy a stronger bumper that must bolt more securely to the tunnel. I wasn't sure if it was the same for this Polaris. Bumper seems solid to me but wanted to make sure. Thanks again Tipup for the response. Mike
  12. MikeEiden

    Hitch for Polaris Switchback

    Just recently picked up an 05 Polaris Switchback for fun and towing a fish house. I was wondering if I have to install a heavier duty hitch/rack or can I just install the 'hinge' hitch to the existing bar. Towing an Otter Lodge house if that helps. An info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.. Mike
  13. MikeEiden

    Clam Summit VS Eskimo Quick fish 4

    One difference between the two is how the windows were installed. Clams are stitched in while the Eskimo has velcro all around it keeping it in place. I thought this was a nice feature on the Eskimo. If my windows ever crack or get damaged then I can buy a replacement piece and just slap it back up. The velcro is wide and strong so no issues with it falling out/off. Other than that I think the Clam had a flap that covered the zipper while the Eskimo is exposed. Not a big deal normally but if you're out in blowing snow that can get packed into the zipper and freeze up on the Eskimo's. Never happened to me and fortunately there's two doors but its something to think about. It's been a while since I've compared the two brands so check them both out closely next time you're out window shopping.
  14. MikeEiden

    Another Fish house (sled style) opinions thread

    Funny, I was just at Gander looking at the Frabill Predator. The overall package seem good quality and as you said it seems they've come a long ways. It was a little more narrow than the Lodge but the seats were very comfortable and the sled appeared to be well built and deep. The only thing I'm not sure about is the slope of the front of the house. Problem being is the tent gets in the way when your holes gets to close to the edge. Fished out of a house that had a steep angle a long time ago and most of the fishing area was useless at best. The Frabill is not as steep as this sled but its still farly sloped. I was definitly impressed and thought 'oh boy another sled to condisider'. The Predator was $649 at Gander so $50 than I can get the Lodge for. Thanks and keep the opinions coming... I know everyone has one!
  15. MikeEiden


    I agree! Plenty warm on most days with just one heater. I rarely have more than one heater going but then again I don't get cold to often so I guess it comes down to personal preference.