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  1. any room for a northerner down there ya i'm comming if i get back from upper red in time..
  2. this is not cold yet just wait it will get a lot colder..
  3. Are ya talking about the ones with the wood handle and a plastie bottom??
  4. well this year i'm useing a ruger 270 (new gun) for the real long shots man thats all i have...
  5. o boy another trapper out there we don't start here till oct 30th then it's full bore putting a lot of traps out i can't wait til i get layed then it's just a lot ezer and a lot more traps kelly p i might even get up there this year trapping....
  6. DCON,i had a 20x20 i had to cut the floor in half to haul it you might have to do the same of course i took mine to lake of the woods that way and put it togeter there and left it up there till there was nothing left of it about 7 years of draging it a round took it's toll on it.....
  7. i would like to join you southern boys. [This message has been edited by HARDWATER (edited 04-16-2004).] [This message has been edited by Rick (edited 04-18-2004).]
  8. I have never drained the gas tank or foged any thing and have never had any probles in the fall when i start fishing i just dump the old gas out and put in the new stuff just think about all the work i saved you..H.W
  9. Dan Wood,i'm not sure that i can..i'm puting together on a nother fourm.. just worndering what it take to put one together ?????
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