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  1. How's everyone doing? I was wondering if we can get some mountain lakes and reservoirs thickness as well as Chatfield and Denver lakes and reservoirs? I live north of Denver and here Evergreen Lake is solid now.
  2. I've been itching to use my new Bigfoot XL4000 Thermal and I think we are still a good month away at least. Sooner in the high mountains. I was wondering if you can let me know what fishing locations (major reservoirs, lakes, etc.) are open at night past 10pm, more like 24 hours or if a non-boat can stay as long as they want? Thank you, mas
  3. Thank you Bernie, this is much appreciated. I was thinking of driving to Granby for the day on Saturday. I have my H rod, white tube jig, hook inserted and sucker meat. Do you know if there is a map online with the areas you are talking about specifically? Are these lakes different areas of Granby or separate lakes? What area of Granby will produce Lakers? I talked with someone at the big Denver BPS store and the department sales guy was fishing in 85 feet of water, I am just not sure where to go without a topography map. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks, Mike
  4. Nice one, Mitch. Trying to PM you again, but maybe the system is down. Can you PM me, I have a couple questions about the lakes you went to. Thanks bro, Mike masoct3
  5. Hi Bernie, Thank you for that information on the contest, I was wanting to hear the results. Saturday I am going fishing on Lake Granby. I have never fished it before and my intent is going after lakers. I don't have a snowmobile, but I have a sled. What bays or coves are good for this? I appreciate it very much. Thanks! Michael
  6. Sounds like a great trip. Do you own the cabin or do you rent it?
  7. Mitch- Your PM is not working. I also get an error "PM Disabled". Do you want to go fishing near you, down in the Springs? Let me know what days you can go. Thanks, Mike
  8. I caught this 3lb 11oz Rainbow at Chatfield. They were biting on waxies.
  9. Hey Mitch, That is an awesome Laker! Send me a pm so we can get together and ice fish. I have the xL2000 which has a 7x7x6.6 footprint. Mike
  10. Now that we are in the middle of January, I was wondering if anyone has heard any ice conditions for Chatfield Reservoir or any other front range locations that ice over last due to the temperature on the East side? Thanks! Mike
  11. Here is the link for everyone to checkout. It is updated as of January 1, 2014. http://wildlife.state.co.us/Fishing/Reports/Pages/IceFishing.aspx
  12. Hi everyone, My name is Mike and I moved from Minneapolis to Colorado (Westminster). I have been asked to help with the Colorado forum. I will be helping out MN BASSFISHER. I am here for questions, comments, concerns or anything that might be on your mind. I fish both ice and open water. Thanks! Mike
  13. Hey everyone, I just wanted to post that I saw the Dept of Wildlife updated their ice fishing page reports for ice depths. Before, it had only been updated from last March 2013. They also include phone numbers to call, since the DOW doesn't measure ice, as I was told by a representative.
  14. Thanks so much, MN BassFisher. This is good info. I will let you know when I get out there/choose a location. P.S. When it comes to fishing, I will drive anywhere. LOL Thanks, Mike
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