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  1. EyesnSchnapps


    Take a look at Willey X. They are the best pair of polarized glasses I have ever owned. They run right around $80.00.
  2. I am heading up to the Ludington area, to fish Hamlin Lake on the 18th of May. I was hoping that some of the locals can point me in the right direction. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. EyesnSchnapps

    Gas Price Survey

    $3.59 a gallon, as of 7:00 p.m. of course I am near Chicago, but it's still crazy!!
  4. EyesnSchnapps

    c3 question

    I can tell you this, I sent Abu Garcia two c3's myself just last month. They repaired them, and turned them around in just three (3) days. They are awsome!!! You should not have any trouble at all dealing with them.
  5. EyesnSchnapps


    Well, help the rest of us out. Where did you get them?
  6. EyesnSchnapps

    Computerized fishing log???

    Slick, If I am not too late, can I also get a copy. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. [email protected]
  7. EyesnSchnapps

    Got a name for your boat?

    New Lund 1800 Fisherman, I have been thinking about the name "Overtime", I am still working as much of it as possible to pay for it!!!
  8. EyesnSchnapps

    New Infisherman

    Zap, Fishing Facts is still being published, however in my opinion they have even more advertisement than many others. I used to think this magazine was excellent, until all the garbage advertisement took over the magazine. It's too bad, it was really a great read.
  9. EyesnSchnapps

    World Record Blue Cat

    The Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources indicated that the angler was using "mooneye" as bait. What ever the heck that is??
  10. EyesnSchnapps

    Stolen Tackle Box--- FYI

    After reading this post, I am somewhat surprised. I am from the Chicago area and down here theft is all to much a common everyday problem. I am very surprised to hear that so many folks have had problems up in the north woods. I frequent LOW several times a year and personally have never had a problem. Sorry to hear that this kind of thing happens so frequently up north. I guess thieves travel and live everywhere. I will make sure that I take the proper precaution on my next trip up north. Thanks for the info.
  11. looking 4 a 30 I am very interested in the stradic. If you have pics please send them to [email protected] Thank you.
  12. The boat has been sold!!! Thanks to all who showed an interest.
  13. Sgt. New Lenox is a south west suburb of Chicago. Very Close to Joliet, if that helps. If interested I could do some traveling myself. Let me know.