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  1. i see where u gusy are comin from here....there could be ppl gettin info on urs but I am not 1 of them...beleive me.....just there are some nice houses here and i am wonderin what u guys got in them for when i finish mine........Rigth now i got a Frame...just 6.5x8 made out of 3x3 angle iron....haha and my dad is only home on weekends then this comin week he isnt home so we cant weld up on it more!! well he doesnt trust me weldin it! .....ya its a lil house for now.....maybe This summmer or Next i will build a 8 or 7.5 x 16-18 on wheels..... i was in a house last weekend that had bars over the windows so....well that u can pull out from the inside if in toruble ...and Shutters that Closed over the Windows..and locked @ night... for my house i will have a 20 btu heater...13" tv/vcr combo....2 bunks....4-5 holes....i am tryin to make it the nicest 6.5x8 there is! thanks gusy
  2. any 1 else... well i am buildin a 6.6x8 as we speak .... i plan on givin it to my mom & dad and then making a bigger 1 [This message has been edited by Dmon (edited 01-19-2004).]
  3. well guys who have permanent houses on wheels or skids....lets see um...or @ least tell us about them and what u haev in them...how big stuff like that!! thanks
  4. um...can some 1 help me with the licences part on a fish house i am build a 8x12 house....soon...and i need to know what i need to get for licences...thanks
  5. what size....do u guys use most....i am build a fish house on wheels....and i will need a auger...what size??.....fishin on lake wit no sun fish or pan fish
  6. i am buildin a 8x12.....and wonderin.....what u make the wall out of??....so it will hold a 250 guy to sleep on it.....like a bunk on the wall....thanks (i dont weigh 250)
  7. i am buildin a 8x 12 fish house....and i think i will get a 100lb tank for mine.....and which it prolly will be heated over night..
  8. Dmon

    MN riders

    any MN riders on here?? i have a 01 Kawasaki Mojave many mods...and its for sale...and i have a JD Gator which isnt for sale....what u guys got?? i want a new kfx 400 and a grizzly 660 for winter ridein and mud stuff like that
  9. well mine is in the makin....8x12....3 bunks...will be Nice!! how come my New topics i post...they are on there...then tha next day they are Gone..cant find um??
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