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  1. What a coincidence, I have a six year old named Carly as well and this will be her first year on the ice with me. I just have to get the finishing touches on the shanty and it'll be on the river by this weekend. I'm sure she will be more interested in walking on the river than in the actual fishing but it will be fun none the less.
  2. Seems to me I once used Downy liquid fabric softner and hot water to remove wall paper. I think I used about a shot glass full of softner per cup of hot water and sprayed it on using a spray bottle then I scraped it using an ice scraper (for your windshield) so I didn't tear into the wall. Try it on a lttle spot first. Hope it works and I accept no responsibilty for the beating you get from your wife if it doesn't.
  3. I just finished a floor that I used Armor Coat (ie: Tremclad, PlastiKote) paint on and used an additive in the paint that was like fine sand to provide a non-slip surface. I painted the whole floor black, hoping that it would soak up the suns rays and maybe not be as prone to freezing to the ice. I'm just waiting for ice (theres a little on my pool ) so I can test her out.
  4. I just returned a Coleman Black Cat because it wouldn't heat a 6X8 shed for me. I could still see my breath after a half hour of it running. I think I'm gonna get a Mr Heater Buddy (or maybe just some breath mints) instead. I've seen a lot of positive info about them.
  5. Yesterday, my 6 year old daughter asked me what Veteran's Day was. I explained to her that we paused to remember the soldiers who fought and gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom we have today. She said she would be really sad if I went away and died in a war. I gave her a hug and explained that unfortunately there are a lot of sad children in the world today. We can never let our children forget what these brave men and women did for us and I would like to use this space to personally thank all the veterans who read this board for their courage and sacrifices for us. Thank-you.
  6. I purchased a BlackCat a little while back because they were on sale and my wife was in a good mood I've only fired it up in the basement and it seems to put off a decent amount of heat. I will be using it in a shanty similar to the fishOntario style hut (4'W X 6'L x 6'H). Has anyone else used a BlackCat to heat this size of hut? After reading a lot of posts in this and other forums, I noticed that a lot of you guys use a Mr. Heater Buddy. You've got me wondering if I should take the BlackCat back and opt for the Buddy instead?
  7. Yellow Belly

    Ice Tent?

    Cabelas makes an Deluxe Ice fishing tent that you have to make your own plywood floor for. I believe it is at least 6' tall and has room for 2 people.
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