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    My wife is very understanding. My only hobby is ice fishing. I don't open water fish. I take 3-4 weeks vacation just to ice fish. Every other minute is spending time with her and the kids. The only thing she doesn't like is the money I spend on it. She doesn't understand why I NEED 15 Thorne Bros rods!!! Good Luck, Steve
  2. I have weeks vacation next week. I planned on taking it to ice fish. I already canceled this week's vacation. I have to let the boss know by tomorrow if I'm taking next week. Should I take it or not? Feel free to e-mail me with lakes that have enough ice or if you need a partner. Thanks, Steve [email protected]
  3. Starting to get the itch for ice fishing and told myself last winter I was going to buy a hand held sonar for this winter. Which one do you guys recommend and why???? I know you can use the vex or marcum (I have both)to check but just want something to do quick checks when looking for THE SPOT. Thanks, Steve R
  4. Lately I've been catching two a night on Tonka with CJ&S Slender Spoon in gold. Earlier they were hitting a small Swedish Pimmple in gold. Good luck, Steve
  5. I have two of each. Love them both!!!!!!
  6. I bought mine this Friday. I had "preordered" one and was in the store buying other stuff when they called my cell to let me know it was ready. Haven't put my new Tica on it yet. Will use it when my walleye season is over. Can't wait!!!! Steve
  7. I've never usec the meatstick but have two TB noodles.I love them. Very senstive tip to see the slightest bite. I'm a huge fan of all Thorne Brother's rods. I will always spend the extra money. Steve
  8. All my rods are TB. For panfishing I use the Noodles. Love them..I've never used a spring bobber so I can't recommend a good one but I'm sure you can't go wrong with calling Thorne Bros. Steve
  9. I tried it on last night with the clothes I would wear fishing. I felt like the Michelin man. I know the bibs feel right, even a little snug in the crotch, but I can adjust that. What I'm going to do is head up to TBs and try on the lg to see if there's a big difference in sizes. I read my receipt and I should be able to exchange for store credit if the large fits better. Thanks, Steve
  10. pipesmoker

    Ice Armor

    I bought an Ice Armor Xtreme Suit when Thorne Bros had a sale this spring through their HSOforum. It's an XL. I love the way the bibs fit but the jacket feels too big. Wondering if anybody has the other extreme fit, has the large suit but the bibs fit but the jacket feels to small. Would love to do a trade. Mine's never been worn. May go to TBs and see if I can at least exchange for a size large. I have receipt. Anybody???? Thanks, Steve
  11. Thanks!!!! Found some there!!! Steve
  12. Does anyone know where I can buy some Wabler jigs. I've tried to contact their HSOforum but they haven't answered back. They seem like something I want to try next ice season to slay the walleye. Thanks, Steve
  13. Time to get ready. The plastic around the ajustable base nuts on my Aqua View cracked last winter. Where can I get it repaired? Phone #s??? Thanks, Steve
  14. Caught a lot of crappie, northern, and a few walleye last year but ALWAYS screwed up filleting them. The wife said I better come home with a meal this year. Are there any books, videos, etc that show proper ways to fillet my fish? Any words of advise from here?? Thanks, Steve
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