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  1. What part of Northern Minnesota? When I registered last night I was informed that mine was only the 9th bear so far. The comment was that this has been the worst year that he has ever seen so far.
  2. Well, tonight was the night!! Got out to the stand at about 5 and at 7 she came in. First Black Bear for me. Not a monster but I am happy with the results. The honey burn with some home made maple syrup must have done the trick. Saw her off in the distance about 70 yards past my bait and she circled around and came right in. By far the best rush I have had in a long time!!! Thanks to everyone for the advice and words of encouragement. It paid off in the end. When I figure out how to post some pics I will.
  3. Checked the bait on Sunday and it had been hit again. Only thing eaten was grilled cheese sandwiches. Picky bear I guess. I dug the other stuff out and got rid of it. Put some moss, sticks, and brush at the bottom to keep the water off the bait. Re-baited and am gonna give it a shot tonight. Tough decision with the big football game on, but harvesting my first bear will make more memories in the long run. corysluckylucky7, if no longer a pit then how do you set up your bait. I tried to just put logs on some bait 2 years ago but all I got coming in were coons, fishers, pine martins, ect... Fun to watch but not the right flavor!
  4. Thanks for the insight and advice fellas. I have had a visit to the one bait so he knows its there. Eventually there is gonna have to be a return visit. If I could have some other baits farther away I would but time is a problem. Would be nice if school started a little later for kids so that us teachers could get our hunting fix out of our system yeah, I know! No sympathy out there cause we have all summer off. How about some results so far? Anyone bagged their bear yet??
  5. Checked the stations yesterday with no activity with the exception of a dog checking it out (nice!). I unfortunately have water in the bait holes from all the rain we have received lately. With everyones experience with baiting, is this going to be a problem? Do I need to dig it out, let it dry up?? Move to a little higher ground?? Yeah, probably reading into it but with time being an issue I want to be doing it right.
  6. I have a couple of stations set up with donuts, bread, apples, oats, grease, and molasses. Got the hole dug and am putting the bread, donuts, oats, apples, and some molasses in it. Covering the hole with logs and pouring grease all around the area and on top of the logs. I also put some molasses on top of the logs. I have one station with a camera. This station has not been "hit", but when I looked at the camera there were two new pics. Indeed a bear had checked the spot out but didn't tear in. Am I not doing something right here. The other station I have is only 200 yards away and was getting torn apart 3 nights in a row but the food wasn't really disappearing. This station has not been hit for a few nights now as well. Am I dealing with a full bear? Any insight/opinions would be appreciated. Could it be a scent problem? I am fairly close to civilization so the bear should be use to smelling humans.
  7. Anyone with a report in the Red Wing area? I am going home this weekend to visit the folks and just curious if more birds have moved into the area. Any info would be great!
  8. I second Randy! Top notch guy, decent prices, and excellent work.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback. I am heading out tonight and trying a few of the tactics. I probably won't be able to move and create new stations because my time is limited. I truely think there are bear in the area that I am at (they have been seen earlier in the summer). From local reports around here it sounds like others are having similar problems with them coming in. Only 24 bears registered at the local place as of Saturday. I will just have to be persistent and try new things. If there are more suggestions, keep them coming. One more thing, how do you create a successful honey,grease burn out in the woods?
  10. I have been baiting the full season now and have had no success. Tried many different things such as honey burns, hanging fish in the trees, liquid smoke, squirting the trees with some sweet smelling scent, donunts and bread (constantly). I thought that maybe I was just in a bad spot, but I am near a swampy area with a small stream flowing through. I also thought that maybe I am competing with others but that shouldn't be the issue any longer. I have had no hits on the bait yet (that I am aware of). Something has dug under two of my stations so I set out sand and found it to be raccoons. What can I do here. I am obviously wanting to get my bear, but at this point having one come in to watch would be satisfying enough.
  11. I am planning on applying this year. It would be the first time I have ever applied (and if drawn, obviously first time ever hunting them). I would be hunting north of Duluth on some private land. We have a bear coming in a marking our cabin. I personally have not seen him, but he has left his scratch marks, and gotten into a few things. When do the applications need to be in? Any info on how to go about hunting bear would be greatly appreciated too.
  12. I was just up in the area last weekend and there is a little bit of snow but nothing that a wheeler can't handle. You should have yourself a good time!
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