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  1. The black spots are safe, no need to boil, but I always hold everything up to the light and check for the white spots, then cut those out. Those are bad. fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  2. feverpetal

    Hyland lake

    I was fishing off the dock at Highland, couldn't catch anything worth reeling in. Seems to be way too many small sunfish with nothing eating them, though I did see a huge musky/pike swallow a smallish adult duck last summer. Just happened to be looking in the right direction at the right time. It happened straight out from the landing, in line with the horizontal orientation of the dock. That was a sight. The problems I've had with Normandale are again the small sunfish, and the fact that fish, even bass, don't want to bite at times. I think Normandale was affected this year because of the low water levels, and the fish couldn't move around as much as normal. But next year should be better. fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  3. What exactly is a "dead stick"? I always assumed it was a rod without a reel. fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  4. My soultion also involves grain alcohol, but instead of wasting it on a stupid bobber, put a few drops of it in your mouth every few seconds. Before long, you won't care if your slip bobber is frozen. fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  5. It seems he put the boat away the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but he did stop at Cabela's that following Saturday. That must have been when. Oh well. : ) fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  6. Your card appeared in my father's truck over night. Quite strange, really. Noticed it this morning, so it may have been there before. We WERE in Owatonna Thanksgiving Day, but I doubt you had people putting cards in people's vehicles that day. Any clue how this happened? Not that I mind, of course, now I've got a card! : ) fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  7. My cousins used to live a thousand feet from the Rush River, and when we were kids we CONSTANTLY tried to catch these "big fish" that we knew nothing about. We couldn't get them to take anything, so in desperation, a large net and a solid running leap netted a nice 3 lb. or subject. The thing was so ugly we let it go. That ended our fishing for them pretty quick. Anyways, that mehtod works. fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  8. When I originally posted that thread, I was unclear about the ability to release any fish you wanted back into the water. I was always told that some fish could not be returned to the water. Now, though, you can do so, unless the fish is obviously injured. In this case, the fish was, though it would probably have survived. They were just flesh wounds in the meat from going over / attempting to go up the falls. fp Could you return Round Goby to the water? ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  9. Just picked this thing up today (yesterday) at RadioShack, and was wondering if any was familiar with Hawkeye or NorCross products. The reason I bought it was because I was still asleep, it's relatively small, it claims to shoot through ice AND fiberglass, and it has an LCD, vs. a "flasher-type" display. So, any opinions? I'll be trying it out on Saturday (today) if I can get over some water. fp We'll try it without the link this time, okay? Specs : • Fish and depth readings from 2.5 to 50 feet (1 to 15 meters) • Audible fish alarm • Adjustable sonar sensor float with 20-ft. (6.1m) sonar sensor cable • Sonar frequency: 200kHz • 20° sonar beam angle • Operating temperature range: 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) • 2-button easy programming • LCD display • Soft-glow backlit display–great for fishing in the dark • Flip-style display protector • Battery-level indicator • Main unit is water-resistant • Requires 4 “AA” batteries, not included • Dimensions: 3.5x1.5x5.0" (8.9x3.8x12.7cm) (LWH) ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  10. Well, when it comes right down to it, the choice between an XBox or a PS2 is preference, really. If you have a lot of PSX games, then PS2 may be the way to go. They ARE a lot of fun games for PS2, but XBox excels in SOOO many categories that it truly is a toss-up. If you like Sports games, go for the XBox. The best graphics, coupled with XBox Live!, maki it an amazing sports console. Also, the built in Hard Drive allows for near-unlimited save games. I have had my XBox since Day 1 (November 26th, I believe), and I STILL have "50,000+ blocks" of save game space. Kinda nice, when you think about. Plus, there's Halo. fp And Halo 2, at some point. ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  11. They do make and sell nets to be used in ice fishing. They're oval and slightly curved. Pretty cool, actually. Might be nice for the slippery ones. fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  12. canitbeluck? and EXTREME, how do you drive in places where traffic lights are horizontal instead of vertical, like some places in Wisconsin? Do you just wait until other people start moving, or you get honked at? I've always wondered about that. fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  13. I think shooting style does depend a lot of where you are hunting, but I also think that unleashing a flurry of laed at "something brown" is beyond stupid. Case in point, a man was shot yesterday, I believe, in Aitken County, while hunting. He was shot by another hunter, and the wounded man was dressed in full blaze orange including, apparently, "blaze orange ribbons". How THAT happens, I don't know, but I assume he was shooting at something that moved, and that alcohol was involved. Where I used to hunt, in Aitken County, a 100 yard shot can be pretty tough to even get, let alone fifty yards, though we always heard barrages of gunfire. Oppositely, in Wyoming, you NEED to know the ballistics of your rifle, since EVERY shot is easily over 50 yards, if not 100. The only time I came close to losing a deer was in Wyoming, on a shot that was about 175 yards downhill. The deer made it to the river, and got carried away. Unfortunately for us, the river was partially covered in ice. We did find the deer about a mile down the river, in a wash-up, just under the ice. Thankfully, it was thin, and just a few feet from shore. But seeing that deer head into the water, and almost roll over, was VERY disheartening. I'm glad I found it, though. On that same trip, my father DID lose a deer, technically, since the road was on BLM land, and the landowner, who happened to be driving his fenceline, pulled up just as the deer went over the ridge. Since we had packed up early and there was still light left, we figured we would take the deer, and it was a clean shot, but the deer made it up the ridge and over, and the ***** came over as we were waiting for the 15 minutes to be up. fp Whatever happened to waiting 15 minutes to a half hour before tracking a wounded deer, anyway? ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  14. That's one of the nice things about "Trophy Bass 4", while there are a large amount of bass, there are also most members of the pike, perch, and catfish families, including walleye and sauger. You can even fish Mille Lacs, if you want. fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
  15. # 4336 ... Are we the only ones awake now? : ) fp ------------------ "Cast riiiiight....there."
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