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  1. kittycatcher16

    $100 Baitcaster Recomendation

    +1 to da chise. I own 2 accurists and love them. I fish 3-4 days a week with no problems. Just keep em oiled in the off season and they last.
  2. kittycatcher16

    Fishing northerns/walleye in a bass boat

    pretty sad that people profile you as fishing illegaly because of the boat you are in... but its the truth. Just because your species of choice is bass, and your boat is a "bass boat" doesnt mean you can only target that species. Really makes me sick to know people think like that. Go out on opener in your bass boat and hammer some walleyes. CO's cant do a thing about it as long as your livewell doesnt have bass in it. Also, for those walleye guys giving you dirty looks.... Just put your walleye on an "old school" stringer and slowly troll by them showing off your fish. They LOVE that.
  3. kittycatcher16


    Im assuming that "keller" lake is in MN? If I am correct, I pray a CO sees this. Unreal.. Probably dont have fishing licenses either. Probably no license on that bad silly-me canoe either.
  4. kittycatcher16

    Advantages/Disadvantages of Super Fast Baitcasting Reels

    7.1:1... all around best in my opinion. Too fast? Slow it down.. simple as that.
  5. kittycatcher16

    gear ratio for crankin?

    7.1:1 for sure. Cant go wrong. You can slow roll anything with it and if need be it can burn em.
  6. kittycatcher16

    How was your opener?

    Had a decent day on Saturday. Got a 3 man limit in 5 hours of fishing. Threw a lot of dinks back and a few that were chunks. Biggest was 19.5. Regardless of how we did it felt good to be back out chasing bass again! Every fish was caught on worms. T.rigged. 5-12 feet in whatever weeds we could find.
  7. kittycatcher16

    Trokar hooks

    Awww let's get it straight....nothing compares to a gammy! I have trouble getting the hook out of the fish with gammys.. no reason to change.
  8. Wow! looks like a trip and a half. Nice birds sledneck! I was supposed to head to louisiana this year but doesnt look very promising anymore...Major bummer now that I know what im missing down south!
  9. kittycatcher16

    Painting a duck boat??

    pick a base color and cut out stencils in marsh grass form. Thats what I did and it looks great. You can also buy stencil kits and camo paint kits. Any true value hardware should have camo spray cans.
  10. kittycatcher16


    good story...you should re-post that in like a week so I can read it again..
  11. kittycatcher16

    New PB MN bass

    Nice fish. Thats a hoss!
  12. kittycatcher16

    Bass Photos

    That 22 incher is a hoss!! Man, nice fish!
  13. kittycatcher16

    duck decoys

    GHG may be made in china but they are the best looking decoys on the market. Allthough the dakotas are very impressive as well. Im sorry but G&H look terrible. They look cheap and the paint doesnt cover well.
  14. kittycatcher16

    duck decoys

    GHG by far. As far as price wise and quality you cant beat em. I havent had one bit of problems with paint. I have 2 dozen mallards. Just dont buy the hotbuys, they might have an issue with paint. GHG has my vote.
  15. kittycatcher16

    Earlier Duck Opener?

    It is very sad but....well said Ufatz.