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  1. Went to Ashland today for the third Monday in a row. Finally got one pick up and landed the fish. It was about a 25 inch walleye. Very chunky fish. Fished from quater to 5 till around 8 with a couple of breaks. Got it with a big black wooley bugger. Along time to fish for only one hit but maybe things will be picking up now. Will try again next Sunday or Monday will let you know how I did. It seems like you could wade the shoreline from fish creek clear past the powerplant. Saw spots with rocks or logs sticking into the bay. Would these be good spots? Thanx Forrest
  2. Hey, Went back to Onion and the warmwter discharge in Ashland today with my 14 year old fishing partner today thought he would like to see these interesting places. Well got to the Onion just before dark and saw a big fish roll 100 yards out while we were rigging up. Cast streamers for an hour but no luck and saw no more fish. We headed over to Ashland to try our luck there. Slowly fished the bay over to the hot water discharge and fished from the platform over the dishcharge but no takers and saw no fish. Lots of minnows around. For some reason I decided to fish to the right of the boat landing. While fishing along that shoreline saw four fish crashing. Two of them very big fish. Did not get any takers but it was encourging to at least see fish there. The water was not quite as murky as last Monday but still quite turbid. I was wondering what those two fish could have been? Did not see them as it was dark. Trout, Walleye, mavbe carp? Quite big fish. Would this be a place to fish during the day as well as night? We left at 8 o'clock school night for the boy. As we were leaving two guys showed up and were going to the platform for walleye. Hope they had more luck than we did. Well thanx much Forrest
  3. Well, took a Monday and drove over your way from Superior. Went to the mouth of the Onion. Got there about 2:30 stayed till about 6:30. There was another guy there who had been there since morning and stayed till 5:30. Between us not a hit. Saw 4 or 5 fish jump ar roll out about 300 yards. About 5:00 a brown or coho jumped twice in front of me within close casting range with a fly rod but he would not hit. Nothing else. Stayed till an hour after dark. Then I moved to the hot water discharge in Ashland. The water was so murky I could not see my feet in knee deep water with a flashlight. I stayed about an hour but no action. Saw a couple of small fish slash at minnows I assume, but could not get them to hit. I also saw a bigger fish in front of the big rock in the shallow bay part. He slammed into something. Well only stayed for an hour l was discourged buy the very murkey water conditions. So a long day of casting with nary a tap. Several questions. Is the water usually that dirty there? Should I have stayed longer? I almost went back to the Onion in hopes of having fish cycle in around 7:30 and later. I have had good luck on the north shore catching Salmon and loopers well after dark. I wonder if this would work there? Oh, the water over by the Onion was very clear. Thanx much Forrest
  4. Thanx. Did not make it either day because of north wind. I figure with a north wind it would make fishing tough. Maybe next week. Will be wading or in a canoe. Thank you again Forrest
  5. Was thinking of trying the bay around Ashland Sunday or Monday night and was wondering if the water has cleared up yet from the storms a couple of weeks ago? Thanx much Forrest
  6. Believe it or not started wading and flyfishing for walleyes at night in clearwater lakes in mid September. Have had good luck with a chartruse Clouser minnow or a black wooley bugger with a sparkle body.
  7. Thanx for the info. I like to flyfish at night casting streamers and big wooley buggers for walleyes in shallow sand or rock shorelines and was thinking this might be a good spot. Last fall tried the Onion one evening for cohos but no luck. Maybe will try Sunday night at both spots. Thank you again. Forrest
  8. Hey, I am looking for ways to extend the fishing season and was wondering how fishing is at the Ashland warmwater discharge? Is this spot wadeable or do you need a boat or canoe? What different species come in? I was also wondering about water clariety, is it clear, dirty etc. I live in Superior Wi and was wondering if it is worth an exploring trip? Any answers would be greatly apprieciated. Thanx much Forrest
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