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  1. where do you guys all go to take excellent pictures like that? i wish we had some of that scenery over in the great ol' state of South dakota
  2. Heading out there in 4 days for an tackle show. Is there any good spots within 10 mins out there for a good time fishin? I'm from sioux falls SD and representing Dakota Angler in Sioux falls so i might need to get away for a bit. Any info would be appriciated.
  3. I will be heading up there on Friday for a week. I would also like to know some reports with what you were using. I will post when i get back
  4. Any reports from up there? will be heading up in a couple of weeks. thanks for the info
  5. i was up there last year and i didn't really see any. most of the resorts have bait. I don't know but the wal-mart up there might possibly have some
  6. ok thanks. another question since i'm 15 with a valid drivers license would they still require me to have a birth certificate
  7. quick question for all of you. i'm hearing a rumor down here that they are going to start requiring you too have a passport to get across the boarder. is that true? cuz if it is i would like to know as soon as i can cuz it takes about a month to get one
  8. No unauthorized links. Please read forum Policy.
  9. How many of you guys have fished Eagle Lake before in NW Ontario? I have a trip booked up there in June with Bear Trail Lodge. Went up there last year but the weather sucked. So if anybody has been up there tell me how you did and what you used please. Any info would be appriciated.
  10. Lets get a fourm going here about ice thickness and where we can catch some panfish around the area. Anywhere from Vermillion to Pickeral. Where has been the best place?
  11. We have anywhere from 5 to 12 inches here in eastern South dakota
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