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    OK I have not had the chance to read the last 2 pages,I read the first 3 and had my net drop for a while so am chiming in here quick now lol. I am not going to go into specific details as to why or why not here just to cover my a$$ to be honest lol but i will just say this I personally worked at the GAF manufacturing plant in north Minneapolis MN for some time I was at the time I left a lead in a section of the plant now i will say this much it has been over 10 years since I was there I wont say exactly how long though But I will say this, at the time that I left, and for the entire time that I was there(and for a long time before I came) the only people in the plant that would consider having the shingles we made on their own house were those who were getting seconds for free cause that was the only way they could afford to reroof their house ...... other then that not a person I knew in the plant would have considered putting them on their own house the majority of us would have went with either certainTeed or Owens corning and it was probally about a 50/50 split as to how many prefered either of those ......... just a little food for thought from some one who knows a little from behind the scenes (will say this much one of the problems bothered us to no end and was a constant argument in the plant was the weight of the shingles and how they were constantly trying to drop as much as they possibly could out of them it drove us up a dam wall)
  2. kotadust

    1984 Ranger 22' Bass boat V8 I/O

    yea thats pretty much it except the one i was looking at the deck didnt go all the way back to the consoles ....take all of the red on the one in pictures here away and put 2 bench seats going length wise on either side of the boat in its place seats were pretty tore up, carpet was hashed and clear was starting to peel in a few places other then that wasent to bad lol. From the looks of this one i think there was a little bit more deck space in the back between the motor cover and the seats but either way wasent able to come to an agreement on the price with the guy so ......sucks lol would have loved to get into a boat that size and that power
  3. kotadust

    1984 Ranger 22' Bass boat V8 I/O

    biggest thing that I was wondering was if any one had had much experience with that era of the rangers and with the I/O rangers any personal experience and what not. It's always good to hear from those who have lived with somthing and aren't the ones trying to sell it to you lol.
  4. kotadust

    1984 Ranger 22' Bass boat V8 I/O

    I have seen pictures of it, it is defnitly a I/O
  5. kotadust

    1984 Ranger 22' Bass boat V8 I/O

    There wasn't any thing like that stated in the ad for it so I am not thinking thats it. I have found a little bit just enough to confirm that they did make some with I/O merc cruisers around that era just havent been able to fins a whole lot else about them ..... so I come to the knowledge of these forums lol or the many people of these forums I should say. Were was the one that you saw listed at if you dont mind
  6. does any one know much about these havent seen to many bass boats with an I/O this is the ad for it I am waiting to hear back on the email i sent the guy 1984 Ranger bass boat. 350 v8 chev with Merc Cruser I/O. seats 9 , + 2 pedistal seats. 2 live wells,2 huge coolers, tons of storage. spare props, and lower unit. 60+mph also aprox. what would the spare lower unit be worth if it is in good condition any input or advice on this boat would be much apreciated thanks Dennis
  7. kotadust

    How many boats?

    lol hell I am trying to just get 1 lmao
  8. sold it for what he was asking from what i understand from a neighbor of his up there (he was actually gone when i got there had to call him to find out it was sold then neighbor aproched me .... permanent camp trailer area so they notice ppl who dont belong real quik lmao)........same thing I told him i was oulling out in cash to bring up ....... same thing I had in cash for him .......now of course i was going to try and haggle it down some but was prepaired to pay what was he was asking if i had to (which is rare for me lol)
  9. yea thats kinda what I thought lol wasent very happy thats for dang sure
  10. absolutly lol wouldent be much for me to be upset about if he didnt even know I was comming had spoke about it 2 days ago thats when he gave me the directions and told me he couldn't be there till friday late afternoon or evening told him that I would meet him there. Then I called and left a message last night.
  11. Thanks for all the input I really appreciate it ......unfortunatly I got screwed any way had it set up to go up and meet the guy late this after noon (that was suposed to be the earliest he was able to get there from were he lives boat was at his weekend place) all set up I was comming to buy it CASH in had pulled out 100 dollar bills lol (can you see were this is going yet) ..........almost 90 miles 1 way in a truck that gets a woping 12.5 miles to the gallon ............ to be told when I get there ohhhhh sry I sold it couple hours ago...........[PoorWordUsage] had had email and phone comunication with the guy all week .........argggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  12. kotadust


    dont think i have ever been on a landing that had extra bording docks off to one side or the other lol some have had 2 docks with ramps on both sides of each but ......
  13. as to what I am looking for basicly a trustworthy boat preferibly a bass boat style with enough power to pull my kids on a tube and probally skis some day 16' or larger preferibly in good shape and i cant spend more then 2500 right now if the boat it self is good enough and a good enough deal then as long as i can get through this season i could try and get a new used motor on by next i have a few things to sell to try and raise some cash just need to find out what there worth (mercruiser stern drive from 70's boat is biggest thing) any way thanks for all the commnts and I welcome any more
  14. here are some pics of the boat dont knwo if it helps lol but just want to make sure i am doing ok with this cant afford a lemon lmao
  15. about how much would it run to have a marine mech check it out rough guess