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  1. Thanks for the info. It is always great on Rainy. Can't wait to get there ans always hate to leave.
  2. I know it is early but I haven't seen any activity on here for reports. My group will be heading up to start on Rainy the weekend of the 7th which is a little ways off. Just wondering if anyone has been out and how are you doing on walleye? Smallmouth? Pike? Locations? What are the water temps like? Lake levels? Any information is appreciated and I thank you in advance. Can never be to prepared.
  3. My nephew has the exact same lure. It is a Walmart bargin bin lure. They are in a box with a bunch of other lures for like $1.50 each. Guaranteed.
  4. Anyone out there have a report on the Walleye on Oahe? Headed up this weekend and was wondering how well they have been biting, where at, and on what? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the help. All brought up some good points.
  6. Has anyone had a problem with the smell from using fingernail polish to paint jigheads. Does it seem like it spooks fish more than the powder or vinyl type paints which I know(now) are far better methods. Would seem to me that after it dries it would be odorless but thought maybe the water would bring out the odor again. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. From everything I've already read, I went about this all wrong but its to late. Using the powder paints is the best with the vinyl dip a step behind. I've already hand painted quite a few and was wondering if anyone has had a problem with fingernail polish or using a clear nail polish over an acrylic craft paint. Will the smell spook or deter fish even if they were painted months in advance?
  8. Me and some buddies are coming to Rainy Lake the week of June 6-12. Decided to try a different lake this year and Rainy was it. What have the bass been hitting the best on and what color? If you have the time, how about the same for Walleye and Northern? What is the water temp and level like? Thanks for anyones help, hate to go up there blind.
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