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  1. whoops i got to exited about icefishing and almost forgot about a sportscam. you can use them in summer and winter!What a treat for a fisherman. [This message has been edited by imgoingfishing (edited 12-09-2003).]
  2. oh and I almost forgot you dont need the vexilar if you like to fish in clear water. you can see the fish biting your hook just by looking down the hole!!!I caught more fish that way than using a vexilar.A vexilar doesn't show you which fish to catch.If you see the fish you can pick out the big ones from the small ones the vexilar doesn't let you do that!It just shows a fish is biting your hook (i thought thats what bobbers were for)A clear water lake is the only way i like to icefish.I drill a hole drop my line and if i dont see fish by it in a couple minutes after jigging it a few times i move.If I see fish and they arent biting i try a different jig or bait if that dont work i find more fish.Thats the best way I found that produces the most fish.
  3. If I were just starting out on buying ice fishing stuff I would just buy the necessities, like 3 rods and reels, a couple tip-ups, and a portable shack. Thats what I would do if I was just starting out.All I need to do now is get the shack.I have one that I can use whenever I want so I'm not in no hurry to buy one of my own.And it all depends on how you want to fish.If you want to be hardcore no shack is the way to go.If you want to be spoiled get a portable with a heater buy a t.v. a radio and a camping stove to cook up some burgers in your shack while the bite is slow.It all depends on what you all want to buy to suit your wants and needs.
  4. in my opinion I think that flashers just replaced bobbers
  5. Canitbeluck I think I may know why them 14"ers dont grow to be 15".I think everyone else might be using a different tape measure than what we are using!!!That's the only thing i can think of why that would be.Maybe we should ask to use someone elses tape when we catch them 14's.bodyman thanks for the info but I wont be able to make it there due to my parents anniversary party this weekend and the following two weeks are out of the question due to hunting season but I will remember that for the next time I can make it. [This message has been edited by imgoingfishing (edited 11-12-2003).] [This message has been edited by imgoingfishing (edited 11-12-2003).]
  6. I think they all should be fired and never be able to work for the govenment again. They should have to work in a factory or on a farm for that.Yes they did go fishing which we all love to do but can any of us go fishing while working??I think we all know the answer to that.And i also think they should have all DNR privledges revoked for life,then they would never be able to go fishing on the job again.But that is my opinion.What do you guys think?
  7. An inch and a half??? You would have to be dead before seeing me out on that little bit of ice!!I need six or more inches before I step foot on the ice.I hope it stays cold to keep making ice.I can't wait till it gets six inches on the lakes up in vilas county.I'm hoping there will be enough ice by the first weekend in december.If anyone knows please let me know.
  8. Well you know it's bad when you catch a hundred under-sized walters.That must mean you will only catch 15 inchers all the time and no bigger,if you do catch one!!
  9. Yes, a thank you goes out to all them veterans who fought for our rights and gave us the freedom we have.I just hope that the anti-weapons people wake up and realize that the guns that they are trying to take away from us are the same guns that gave us this freedom.I realize that this is a fishing site,but seeing it is veterans day Tuesday and delmuts made the veterans post it made me think of guns which are the reason we have the freedom we have.I guess I'm trying to say that we need to give more back to our country,like Ted Nugent does.I just saw one of his shows and he and his family go out and plant trees for taking out of the earth.So once again thank you to all the veterans.But I do also wish there was a way everyone could put more fish in the lakes so when you go fishing you can catch fish all day long everyday.I try the best I can to keep fish in the lakes cuz I catch and release unless I'm with someone who wants to keep the fish I catch.It really ticks me off when I see fish go bad because someone was too "lazy"to clean them.I just realized I'm going way off topic so I'll end right now. [This message has been edited by imgoingfishing (edited 11-11-2003).]
  10. Well it's been six days and no replies.Did anyone see this or didn't anyone fish the wisconsin lately?I'm really curious cuz I've only caught a few walleye in my life time and none of them were keepers.The only keepers i seen were the people i went fishing with, they would catch the keepers but none for me except baby walleye.
  11. i dont do the t-zone hunt cuz i dont know anybody with land.I would like to try it one year though
  12. I always use weather.com because if your planning a fishing trip out of town all you have to do is type in the zip code or city name and it gives you the tempurature and all the other weather stuff you need to know and I never tried but it might even give you an extended forcast.
  13. All you guys have got it right.This is the only web site that i visit frequently.No other site can beat this one.I like this site cuz it give all kinds of info and everyone is friendly and willing to give a hand if one is needed where as alot of people like to keep it all to themselves.(I think greed is a very bad thing)so i guess I must say that this site is #1 IMO. I was showed this site by someone and thought it was very interesting and now I'm hooked, but I am not complaining at all.
  14. are the walleyes still biting on the wisconsin river?if so on what and where?
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