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  1. his rods sure seem nice and being a local guy to my area I was excited to possibly buy a few of his rods. Unfortunately I stopped into his shop one day to check it out and pick up some supplies and was treated pretty rude I wont go into details but I cannot in good mind buy any of his rods. FYI it was not even me that was treated rudely. they look like great rods and I know he puts his passion into them.
  2. I know its late but the wolf lake trail runs from kego lake road all the way to the old grade there is miles and miles of logging trails in that area.
  3. Acemac


    anyone have a picture of cabbage?
  4. I am 6'5" and around 400 the only thing I like is a bench with the back rest down for more seat room. If I had a hub I would have something like this to sit and store with. job Box I never use a back rest and hate small boat seats that are in most houses now. I like to take up some room.
  5. your early posts just seem really negative about the tech. just suprised me.
  6. DTRO why are you being such a negative nancy on this?
  7. I have one of these dogs and she is a monster in the field! this is the only place I will own a dog from in the future.
  8. I agree about those rods they are nice but I can catch hungry crappies just as well on less expensive rods. so I would echo you and ask whats the hype?
  9. Acemac

    Perm Pop Up

    There used to be some really good pictures of people that used pop ups as perms on here I have some questions about it. how long do holes stay open do you store stuff in the pop up in a box? do you have pictures of your floor?
  10. Just curious if any one has a place for 2 guys and a dog to spend a day this fall on some good small hunting spots. We usually hunt the section between redfied huron and brookings feel free to email me @ [email protected]
  11. I am going to the san fran area next week and we are going to go pier fishing. what kind of gear do i need for that? can i do that with light northern gear or do i need special stuff.
  12. wings and whistles watertown
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