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  1. I have been shooting all my 3D shoots this year in Wis. and would like to know if there are any shoots here in Mn. 3D shooters please speak up. It's been a few 10 years since I have shot alot of 3D's, but back then there were a bunch here in MN. It would be nice to not drive 200 miles to a shoot.
  2. How much are you guys putting down on your first baiting? How much will it take to start pulling them in? We have 4 55 gallon barrels of candy, and am debating on getting more.
  3. My Polaris 700 started last weekend in -19 no problem, it started first turn of the key, idled a little slow then rolled right into a perfect idle.
  4. DCON

    HOP UPS?

    I have an 06 Polaris 700EFI, and so do a few of my buddies, is there anything I can do to make it quicker than theirs? Are there any chips available like there are on trucks to boost horsepower and torque?
  5. Any suggestions on an auger rack for a sportsman that would collapse or quick disconnect so it wouldnt get in the way of a travel cover? I picked up a Mad Dog auger rack, but dont think its gonna work, the forked end for the bit sticks up too high to fit the travel cover.
  6. could u send me info on the make of the house please
  7. What size wheelhouses are you guys moving with your wheelers? Just purchased a sportsman 700 and was wondering how big of a house i could move with it, I plan on building one this summer.
  8. DCON

    Travel covers

    looking to purchase a travel cover for an 06 700 sportsman. Any suggestions on good covers to keep most of the road spray off the machine?
  9. I also had an excellent experience with ron, when i bought my empire direct vent furnace he went through all the wiring and shortcuts he had. I was installing it and had a question, i called him and he talked me through it, thumbs up to him!
  10. I just was up checking on my permanent shack on MilleLacs and had a hard time getting the key to work the lock properly, Any suggestions on lube or sprays that will not freeze? It has never been a problem before, but just want to make sure it's ok before its on the ice.
  11. I built a 10x20 last year with steel skids. The skids i put on are 4x4 x 24', I purchased them from the owner of the resort on Millelacs. I also used 2x6 for the floor joists, topped it with 5/8" marine grade plywood then put down 1" rigid foam insulation topped with 3'8" marine plywood. I did reinforce the center main walking areas, but it is solid as heck and nice and warm. Any questions give me a shout and I would love to help you out. [email protected]
  12. I didn't think they were out and about this time of year eather, until last weekend we saw 1 on camera swimming around in Mille Lacs.
  13. 00' Silverado Otter lodge 8" Lazer Lakewood softsided hard case Eye finder H2O Cetus reels 5 highly modified Genz rods P-line Final approach blind bag filled with tackle, and digital scale,digital camera, 2 princeton tec aurora led's propane lantern sunflower heater in a milk crate w/20# tank cell phone LX3 beef jerky
  14. My house is only 1 year old and the vinyl siding is holding up great, I had it moved 5 times last year, which is alot of banking and unbanking. One suggestion if you are going with vinyl, use a treated plywood ripper of at least 12" on the bottom, this will keep most of the banking on the plywood and not on the vinyl. If the banking melts and refreezes its too easy to smack it with a shovel and crack it. I only have one spot where mine cracked last year and that it where I hit it with the jack, other than that vinyl should hold up just fine. I did wrap the house after i sheathed it, I used tyvek home wrap. I thought about going with a steel siding but I would think that there would be a pretty good chance that there would be condensation forming some where on the inside of that stuff, maybe im wrong. Drop me an email we can talk houses, I live in Albertville. [email protected]
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