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  1. SunneyeDay

    Favorite Ice fishing boots

    I like the rubbers that you slip on over shoes or smaller boots (hiking, etc.) because you can put as many socks on as you need (as long as they fit in the inner "shoe"- its tough to put too many on) they are waterproof as heck, and you can taken them off if you're in somewhere warmer/ drier. Most comfortable "boot" there is.
  2. SunneyeDay

    Bullhead being commercially caught? Where do they go?

    Sarcasm isn't well expressed in the typed word, but I am guessing by your Morton location that you don't enjoy being grouped in with Southerners? Nothing wrong with eating oily fish and enjoying the company of your cousins...is there?
  3. SunneyeDay

    Ever see this before?

    Since he's still alive- IMO it was worth it.
  4. SunneyeDay

    Lake Harriet and Calhoun

    Brownie can be good for some pike too- Did anyone see the picture of the kid with the 6lb+ hog out of Harriet? That thing was ugly as all heck. Its in the star tribune outdoors photo gallery.
  5. SunneyeDay

    It Happened Twice!

    Nik- I discovered a similar thing in an area I've been perusing for bears- generally speaking of course, where are you bear hunting?
  6. SunneyeDay

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    McDonald. (Ronald)
  7. SunneyeDay

    Headlamps-A Necessity of Night Fishing

    I'm with dtro-don;t know if they claim to be waterproof, but I have sat through a couple of wicked rains with the spotlight version energizer makes. Its also been drenched in a tackle bag on another occasion. It takes a lickin, and keeps on tickin. Energizer should hire me.
  8. SunneyeDay

    Bass Photos

    Nice fish in the float Calvin! That thing is glimmery!
  9. SunneyeDay

    Dawn on Fish Hook

    Thanks for the tip guys- now I just need to wait for another morning where the sun will actually rise...
  10. I think its always been a rich man's sport, but it seems to keep getting worse-we're lucky to have a state that cares enough to provide hunting opportunities on public land.
  11. SunneyeDay

    can I eat gar?

    That looked like more work than cleaning out a deer.... So all you need to clean and eat a gar is.... 1)One machete, extra sharp 2)Two or three sharp buck knifes/heavy duty filet knifes 3)A Hacksaw 4)Someone to hold the gar while you swing a machete (that isn't too concerned about losing a hand or a few digits) Last time I complain about the bucket of panfish before me...