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  1. Any of you Merc guys out there know how to get the gear shaft and shifter linkage lined up when re-attach a lower unit? I have a 90 hp Merc 4 stroke. I believe my error was when I pulled the LU off I had it in neutral. From what I read, I should have had it in the forward position so that the linkage and gear shaft splines cannot rotate. Now I am having trouble trying to re-attach, I can get the gear shaft back to line up but not the linkage. I get it within approx a half an inch and then it hangs up, and it feels like the linkage is whats giving me trouble, but I could be wrong. I've tried rotating the prop shaft, but that hasnt worked either. Also tried the fly weel rotation, but that was a no-go as well. Any tips on getting this done?
  2. Does the Yukon or Voyager TC or TCX let light through the top? Am thinking about purchasing one but do a lot of sight fishing for perch. Anyone know if the interior top is light or black?
  3. Wow, yeah I cant believe I never thought of one for the handlebars!!! I was looking too deep into things I guess. Thanks!!!
  4. Just wondering if anyone has ever used the RAM suction mounts to mount their GPS to their ATV? I am debating on going with the suction mount and some automotive goop for my 07 Sportsman but want to know if anyone has had any success/failures with a simlar setup... Any suggestions????
  5. I had the same problem on my 500 sportsman. After looking through everything i finally found that both my battery cables had rattled loose. I tightened them back up and it runs like a dream now! Make sure you check those every once in a while if you are putting alot of miles on across the lake.
  6. One other thing... you said you were listening to bows shot on youtube.. Set up a video camera, or phone, and tape yourself shooting. Compare the shot sound on camera compared to the real deal. Its going to be alot different I guarantee you. Also, as another had stated, inside vs outside will sound different as well.
  7. Not trying to be rude, but I think you may be expecting a little too much out of a bow with no suppressors, noise vibration accessories, etc. It shouldn’t take much, but there are a couple things definitely needed to make the overall final judgement. It’s my findings that if you show serious interest in purchasing any new bow, the any good shop owner or employee will bend over backwards for you. They should have no problem finding something to put on the bow when you try it out again to reduce the noise. Most of these shops (as you already know) will let you try it before you buy it. Make sure they are aware you are concerned about the noise, and that you want to absolutely KNOW how much noise, vibration, etc it’s going to have before you make that expensive investment. On the arrow aspect, I agree that a heavier arrow will reduce noise. That being said, the texture of the arrow makes a great deal of difference as well. I have found that certain arrow brands are louder than others. I.e. – beman vs carbon express for example. The bemans tend to be a little more glossy, which I feel reduces some of that noise coming off the rest. Not to say one is better than the other, just my own findings. This would allow you to possibly keep the same arrow weight, and more than likely, greatly increase your arrow speed. What kind of setup are you shooting now? I’m thinking you are looking at totally overhauling your accessories as well with the prospect of a new bow, but if not, most of what you already have should work on any new bow on the market. Just my .2 cents.
  8. Now four of us... It is absolutely amazing what a stabilizer, heavier arrow, and a few string leeches will do to reduce noise and vibration. I have a two year old Hoyt and had had it re-strung this spring. Just adding the string leeches alone made a world of difference! Was the bow you shot set up with any kind of generic stabilizer or string dampeners?
  9. He really does wear that shirt all the time!!! (just joking of course, if you have seen him on TV you will know what I mean) Nice work guys.. Will have to watch for it on an upcoming show.
  10. Fever, what general area by Leech do you hunt? Reading your original post, its almost exactly the situation I was in when I first moved up here 4 years ago. I grew up in West Central MN hunting corn, beans, etc. Its a total different ballgame up here. I remember walking into the Chippewa and thinking "Where the heck to I start and what am I looking for?" Over the last few years it has felt like I have totally had to re-learn everything I thought I knew about hunting whitetails. What I have found up here is concentrating on a couple different things such as old cuttings and low pressured areas. Old cuttings that are around 3-5 yrs old have TONS of cover, in fact so much that it is almost impossible to hunt. What I have found is to concentrate on the edges, corners or transitions into areas where they turn into bigger woods. This seems to be where the majority of our camp's deer have been taken over the last 4-5 years. I would be willing to bet if you had any of these areas where you hunt, they would be loaded with sign right now. I was just out last weekend to hang a couple stands and in one of these areas I counted 6 rubs and 5 scrapes in less than a 30 yd radius. Low pressured areas also seem to be somewhat of an advantage. I have seen grouse hunters, 4 wheelers, trucks out to cut up wood....you name it. If you are in a higher concentrated area (maybe not sure if you do not live here) your chances of being disturbed or interrupted during your hunt seem to increase. Check trails, easement roads, etc that you may use for tire tracks, foot traffic, and all other kinds of things to get a gauge on how often the area is being used which may in return affect deer movement during season. I like to find areas that do not look like they have been distrubed too much, as I know the deer patterns will hopefully be somewhat the same during season as what they were a week or two before while scouting. New cuttings are also a hot spot for above mentioned reasons. New growth and cover, and also a larger scale in which to shoot across or through. We have a new cutting in our area this year, and we have positioned half our stands to concentrate on movement in and around this are as well. Again, there is tons of sign in these areas that we have found this year. Now, to put my input on your actual question I will say that I have found scents, grunting, rattling and all other terms of calling up here to be basically futile when used. It could be chalked up to just pure coincidence, weather, or non-activity in the area, but I somewhat feel like I am wasting my time while doing it, and have not done so in the last year or two. At least where we currently hunt anyway. Others may not share the same views on this but thats just my personal opinion.
  11. 4 of us have tickets to the game on Sunday vs the Orioles and am thinking of bringing my 2 yr old son with. My question is... do I need a ticket for him? He is about 33 inches tall. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experiences yet where the ushers have not allowed a smaller child in without a ticket... I would hate to spend the extra 50-60 bucks to get him in the door if I dont have to, but will to be on the safe side if anyone has any info. Thanks guys!
  12. Im not sayin that he hasnt been productive. It seems like he can hold his own at the plate now and then. Although, I have read a lot of "trade Young" or "send down young, let Kubel play" posts the day after he goes 0-4, and many "hes not that bad" posts after he goes 2 or 3-3. Maybe its just me I guess but it just bothers me that he swings at the first pitch every single time. Think of all the advanced scouting that goes on, do you think a pitcher is going to throw him something decent to hit on the first pitch? Of course not, every pitcher that has half a brain has watched his last ten plate appearances before they start the series on video and start him off with a slider or curve low and away that he whiffs on 90% of the time, which puts him in the hole right away. If he would take a pitch now and then, he might even get something better to drive to the gap, or even over the fence! Or maybe even draw a walk now and then (which is really stretching it) I guess maybe it doesnt matter to some guys such as Vlad who can handle a pitch in the dirt and park it 15 rows up into the left field bleachers, but I would hardly at this stage in the game compare him to an annual All-Star.
  13. That Young swings at the first pitch EVERY time? There was a game about a week ago where the pitcher had thrown something like 11 consecutive balls in a row and could not throw a strike to save his life.....until Young stepped to the plate. First pitch he pops out to the shortstop. I would like to see some statistics on how many pitches he has even seen this year!
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