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  1. Ol_Bullhead

    After 9 years of serious ice fishing................

    where do you purchase your shopping baskets
  2. Ol_Bullhead

    Dead fish being found along shores

    Corabelle(SWMN) today had lots of dead perch and northern floating in the lake and on the shores
  3. Ol_Bullhead

    Pork butt or pork trim?

    I worked in a butcher shop that did deer, pork butt(leaner) then get some beef tallow for the fat ask for the local butcher for some as fat is where the flavor tend to be the most, mix proportions to your taste
  4. Ol_Bullhead

    ice fishing with skates

    Keep your stick on the ice EH!!
  5. Ol_Bullhead

    tv/dvd in fish house

    we've had 20 inch lcd flat screen and dvd the last couple years biggest thing is take it down and wrap it up in a blanket and put in a safe place to ride, when you put it up let it warm up before using we were using an inverter but it was noisy so we got a generator to charge the batteries during the day then use batteries at night, picked up a gamewave to play during the long boring stretches gamewave allows 6 people to play so everyone get in on the fun
  6. Ol_Bullhead

    Clean up your GARBAGE before you leave the ice!!!

    And when you get the Ice clean then we can start on the ditches and the rivers and the bike paths Screaming about it on this forum doesn't change things because the people who do it aren't reading this, most fishermen here are clean the only litter i leave is when a paper blows away in the wind when i open my pickup door otherwise we usually have two bags of garbage behind our fishhouse i take home after a weekend of fishing the only thing that works on these people be a good example by keeping your house clean and picking up there garbage after they leave and if this bothers you go buy some garbage cans and set them around a lake,as my kid told me "cry yourself a river, build yourself a bridge and get over it....
  7. Ol_Bullhead

    PROs and CONs of fishing with your wife/girlfriend

    I'd love to get my wife out in the wheelhouse but she's terrified of ice so it's my me and the guys time now when i go , someday hope to take grandkids (when i get some) out in wheel house for some grandpa time
  8. Ol_Bullhead

    LED lights

    I discovered oval clear LED Truck backup lights they are sealed and have 2 wires coming out gonna mount to ceiling with double sided foam topper tape putting in 4, 2 on a switch, they seem to work good
  9. Ol_Bullhead

    Friday night catch

    so is 30.5" headed for the wall it would be if it was mine first over 30 goes on the wall
  10. Ol_Bullhead

    Attaching License to a Wheelhouse

    clear packaging tape it to the outside, 2 years now no problems,that stuff if put on warm sticks good
  11. Ol_Bullhead

    Crayfish in the neighborhood?

    a bird picked it up and dropped most likely
  12. Ol_Bullhead

    Bunny boots vs. Mickey Boots

    had them both didn't see any difference other than the guys made fun of my bunny boots
  13. Ol_Bullhead

    Panthers v. Vikings

  14. Ol_Bullhead

    Panthers v. Vikings

    tell that to the worker who lost a hand at $7 an hour, their a bunch of mid 20 year olds getting paid big bucks by who ever they can find to pay it no loyalty even if we do win the superbowl 1/4 of the team will be gone because they can get more money elsewhere so they expect us to be loyal blah blah blah I enjoy watching them and last night they had a bad night but today who cares means as much to me as who won survivor or idol wasn't me so I got to go back to work if your life revolves that tightly around a game get a real hobby
  15. Ol_Bullhead

    2009/2010 Iceleaders ICEMAP! (Thanks Everyone!!!)

    just drove home from Alex and seen tons of portables and some wheel houses out on Reno and minnewaska