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  1. I used my Plate this weekend. It worked well with a 7" Lazer Bit for Walleye fishing. This years model of the plate, no longer requires folks to remove the chucks of their drills which I thought was a positive at first. Now I'm questioning it as I punched about 80 holes on Saturday (most on 1 battery) but I had the bit slip twice where I had to stop drilling, hand tighten and continue. Not a major deal but when it slipped I'm worried about what's happening inside the chuck...do I need to worry about stripping?
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys, I added the extension on and I don't think I'll be removing it! It doesn't add much weight and being 6'2" it'll save my back on those days I punch a lot of holes. I have 2 4ah batteries and would love to get my hands on a 5ah.
  3. I always heard great things about the Tica's so I bought two at the ice show a few years ago. Most of my other rods have Sienna's or Sedona's and I thought the Tica's were inferior compared to the Sienna's as well.
  4. I will be using the Clam Drill plate for the majority of this season. I purchased the 16" Extension as well. I'm a taller guy (6'2") and every time I see a tall guy using the Clam Drill Plate they have to hunch over quite a bit. The question I have is does anyone run theirs with the extension all the time (less hunching over)? Or should I just reserve that for when the ice gets thick?
  5. I've been trying to keep my eyes peeled. I saw a good deal at Cabela's for a Humminbird 688 HD DI for $269. I might have to throw it on my fishing kayak.
  6. I was out bass fishing on a large Northern Minnesota lake a few months ago when the wind picked up. I fished several bays out of the wind and wound up catching Smallmouth but the average size was small. Knowing there was large bass in this lake, I switched up my tactic and started targeting main lake/wind blown points and shorelines. Power fishing wasn't putting many fish in the boat so I pulled out the Dropshot rod and started finessing them. I wound up catching a bunch of fish and even hooked into some fish approaching the 5lb mark!
  7. I've been wanting to hit the local lakes recently but haven't been able to make it happen. Forecast looks chilly!
  8. Yeah, that was one of the first things that I read - no steel through the barrels or you're likely asking for trouble. I have a buddy who is a quite the woodworker so we are going to try and fix the fore-end soon. If that doesn't work I will wind up bringing it in the a Gunsmith. It is my understanding that it is choked Modified/Full, it has a single non-selective trigger. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to run it into a gunsmith just for a quick inspecting as the gun has been sitting idle for quite a long time.
  9. Only 1 more month until I'm walking on water! Can't wait.
  10. Does anyone on here have or used to own a Fox Model B Shotgun? I have my grandfathers old one in my possession and it's a pretty sweet looking side-by-side 12 gauge. I found some good information on the interwebs about it and it's history. It was pretty dirty and I don't even know the last time it was used so I gave it some TLC and cleaned it up. I got some boxes of Target Load and a box of clays and hit the range last week. It was a blast (pun intended) shooting this old shotgun and after a few shots I was able to get the feel for it. My goal is to use this for Pheasant soon. One problem tho
  11. I have fallen behind on editing videos but just finished up a video from kayak fishing this summer. I was able to take the kayak out after work on a nice calm and blue bird sky day. I wasn't sure how that was going to affect the fishing but I was able to catch them on a handful of different techniques. A jig worm and wacky worm were effective around weedlines, a squarebill crankbait got bit and a texas-rigged brush hawg triggered 2 bites but both were big fish - 18" and 19.5" Largemouth.
  12. Denver's Defense is very legit. The make opposing teams turn the ball over a lot and fly around to ball. We'll need a solid run game to set the pace for our offense, if that doesn't happen, it could be a long day for me and my GF wearing Purple in a sea of Orange!
  13. Yeah these cold nights and this stretch we're having should drop the water temps quite a bit! I was out with @bassfshin24 on Monday afternoon and he was reading 70 degrees still on a metro lake.
  14. That seems like a very reasonable price from Fran! Good to know.
  15. Wow! That is very impressive man. I can imagine that blends right in with the swamps and sloughs you hunt in. That's pretty cool to know you can paddle right past birds without spooking them! I think that tells you that you did a darn good job on the "attack yak"
  16. Beautiful photo Len!
  17. I agree with your trade. AP and Charles huh? That's a sweet backfield.
  18. I gotchya, that's the majority of what I've done too. Floated the Namekagon in early August in Western WI and that was a lot of fun.
  19. I'm hopping on my flight Friday to go out to Denver, definitely looking forward to that game!
  20. I'm interested to see your "attack yak" that you use for hunting! Do you have any pictures that are easily accessible? I've been a kayak angler for 4 years now and love it. I've been looking at people hunting setups this year and I'm intrigued!
  21. Are you fishing rivers then? If so, are you stashing a car downstream at your finishing point? The logistics and usual need for a 2nd car has kept me off most rivers unless they are backwaters where there isn't much for current.
  22. Phenobarbital - that's what my family dog was on too. That stuff worked wonders.
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