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  1. I live 5 minutes from Bald Eagle!! I have never heard of people catching carp from it though. Any idea where they are? I live on the south side of Bald Eagle.
  2. Flyfishing Carp!?!? That sounds incredibly fun!!! I have two fly rods, how would you recommend doing so? Like what kind of lure to you tie on?
  3. Yesterday I went out into Pool 2 and fished with some crawlers. I caught my first sheephead. We caught many more throughout the night and I ended the night on this bad boy..... It was 20 inches.
  4. Was on the river yesterday with crawlers. We didn't catch any carp though, just sheephead and channels.
  5. Awesome! I just bought some bait holder hooks in one of those two sizes (I forget which). I was going to put that on since my circle hook is a little bit and throw on maybe a 2 oz. river sinker. Me and my cousin are going to be heading out to the Mississippi river tomorrow (not sure where yet, all I know is it will be in Pool 2. Any suggestions???) to catch anything. I have some cut bullies I'm going to bring, I am also going to grab some sweet corn, and maybe even some crawlers and hope to catch anything that swims!
  6. Sanka, when you use sweet corn doesn't it fall off the hook? I have been targeting Channels in lakes nearby lately with cut bait and haven't had the best of luck. I might try going for some carp but don't know a lot about it. My catfish set up right now is a simple egg sinker set up, with an egg sinker then a barrel swivel, then a 2 foot mono-leader and a circle hook. Do you have a somewhat similar set up for targeting carp?
  7. What River were ya fishing on Elwood??
  8. I was trying to hook into one of those the last few days on a lake in Shoreview but was unsuccessful. I pulled out my first cat ever from the lake a few weeks ago, she was 5 pounds. And I really want to start catching some more. I cut up some bullheads but haven't had any luck, my spot is weeded out now though. I have to find a new spot on a nearby lake or the river.
  9. I run into a decent amount of Bowfin up at my cabin, that seems to be the only place I catch em. They put up a heck of a fight! A lot of people hate catching them, but I like it. Besides the fact that they can wreck a lot of lures and bend a lot of hooks with their strong bite. If you catch one on a lure with multiple treble hooks, it's not a good idea to net it. They roll when they get in the boat and the trebles get all tangled in the net. I have spent 15 minutes trying to undo the mess, but I still like em.
  10. I'm heading out tonight but not to the river. I'll be hitting a local lake in search of some Channels. I have my bullies cut up, good and bloody, hoping to have some luck!
  11. Harvey Lee - Do you mind if I ask what you were using to catch the bullies? I used worms I caught two days ago and yesterday I bought some Crappie Nibbles for the heck of it to see if they would bite on that, but they didn't.
  12. I'm in. I'm hoping to get out and fish atleast once this weekend!
  13. I think it depends on water temperatures but yeah I would guess in the next 2-3 weeks they will be thickening up quite a bit. They are already popping up in some spots I've been fishing although not many. I can't wait to run poppers outside and in breaks of lillies and wait for the explosion!!
  14. Agreed. I used to run into that problem as a kid, now for the last 7 or so years I just manually flip the bail. Alot less line twist. I have a 5' Ultra Light and I love it. Like most said, distance isn't the best but I didn't plan on it being the best. It travels a good distance with a weighted bobber. I used it yesterday when I was fishing for bullhead (to use for bait with Catfish) and when I ran into some bigger ones, it was a heck of a fight!
  15. I went to a local bullie hole yesterday and caught a bunch. Right now I'm using them for cut bait for Channels in lakes nearby. I didn't feel like cutting them up on the spot so I brought a cooler and kept all the smaller ones I caught (have to be under 7 inches to transport alive, right?). I brought nine home and cut them up for bait. If I wanted to throw a trap out, how would I do so? Like where would be the best place to purchase a trap and what kind of bait would I put in the trap? Sorry, I have absolutely zero knowledge when it comes to trapping minnows and stuff.
  16. Here are a couple Crappies from a few weeks ago..... A 13" and a 12" A 13" Female (who was released) Another 13" Female (who was also released)
  17. I was out shorefishing for some Panfish yesterday and hooked up with this lunker. hahaha
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