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  1. I have heard of the Boat Buckle working well inside cars/SUVs... Boat Buckle There are other similar designs called Rod Saver and Rod Loft Pro from other companies.
  2. Before buying my first baitcasting reel a while back I spoke with my buddy who used Left Handed models. At that time LH reels weren't offered in every model and weren't always easy to find. He said that if he could do it over again he would have forced himself to learn on a right handed baitcaster. So I went ahead and forced myself to learn a RH even thought I'm right hand dominant and use my Spinning reels LH.
  3. That's a bucket list fish for me! I stayed a day in Miami last year and really wanted to try some channels for them but couldn't make it work.
  4. That's a good idea! I should do something like that with my Spoons as they turn into a tangled mess not to mention rattling around against other spoons isn't exactly great for the paint.
  5. You make me feel more confident about taking one apart now! I'll give it a whirl That's not a bad idea! "Let's go to the tape..."
  6. I am looking to pick up new raingear and I think I have settled with the new Frabill Stow series. I seem to fish out of a lot of different boats (a few buddies boats, cabin boat, my kayak, etc.) so having something that takes up a small footprint is key for me. Has anyone seen the LiveTarget Hollow Body Sunfish in person? It looks pretty awesome but I haven't seen it in person yet. I don't typically buy the LiveTarget brand but might have to pull the trigger on this bait.
  7. Dick's is currently running a Mail-In Rebate on Powerbait plastics. 5 for $10 (after $10 Mail-In Rebate). Dick's Fishing Deals
  8. I am very familar with taking a part a spinning reel for maintenance and re-lubing but I'm less confident when it comes to baitcasters. I always save the schematics. I have a broken down pflueger trion (my 1st baitcaster about 7 years ago) that I don't plan on using anymore, maybe I should experiment with that one to gain some confidence.
  9. Happy to see this forum picking up! With the temps forecasted for the weekend I am getting excited for the rivers to open up! My reels could use a bit of TLC, I will have to get that done in the next weeks
  10. I really wish I had WFN with my cable package. I had it for a short time and loved all the outdoor/fishing shows.
  11. Definitely tough to think that Evers or Christie won't be cracking at the title and hard to bet against AMart after the dominating season he had!
  12. Yeah it looks like a fun one!
  13. I was able to get out for an afternoon Crappie bite and it didn't disappoint! The fish weren't stacked up but by staying mobile, we were able to experience a pretty consistent bite. Marking fish almost always lead to them biting. I'd say about half of my fish came on a PK Lures Predator spoon and the ones that wouldn't eat the spoon seemed to always eat a 4mm Kenders tungsten jig. The average size on this outing was pretty great (12"+).
  14. I have brought my rods to and from Colorado, as well as Florida. To make the process easier, I have purchased a few St. Croix Travel rods which are 4 piece rods. I put the rods, consolidate to a small tackle tray or two and reels into my checked luggage and have not had any problems. I always wondered about a fillet knife but I've never tried bringing those in my luggage.
  15. I hadn't heard of this series but it looks like the event was this weekend. An 8 Crappie/8 Sunfish limit. It looks like some sweet prizes were involved! The results are here: 2016 Results
  16. I have had an Eagle Clawn inline (Grey), the Eagle Claw (Tony Roach) model (Red/Black) and the Black Betty 6061. The one that has worked the best for me is the Tony Roach model. I think they have their place in shallow water and can be fun but my biggest complaint is with the drag. The difference between completely cinched down and not at all is like a quarter of a turn. I usually wind up having to fish these inlines with the drags buttoned down which doesn't give me much faith when I hook into a big fish, I've tried to back the drag off, went to set the hook and had a bunch of line come spout
  17. Yeah, I was hoping to hear of some recommendations to limit the search but I might just have to look at reviews and have some conversations to determine who we should go out with. Thanks for your recommendation/reply!
  18. I thought I'd ask my fishing peers here first...we're headed back down to Marco Island, FL the first week in April and have a house rented. We are on the canal system on the North part of the Island and will be renting kayaks for the week to paddle/fish from. I would like to hire a guide one day down in that area to take a few of us out chasing fish. We haven't made up our mind on whether we'd like to do an Inshore or Offshore trip but I thought I'd talk to a few people to get some input and that will help us make our mind up. Ultimately, just looking to bend the rods and have a good time.
  19. I would get a small-ish bucket or cooler. Go to the Pet Store and grab an air stone, tubing and a battery operated pump to fix to the side. That'll keep the oxygen circulating and the minnows fresh.
  20. I have had zero problems with my 2014 model so far in my 10 trips with it. Hoping that doesn't change!
  21. My cousin and I hit the lake on Saturday and set out to find some Bluegill. We had to punch a ton of holes and cover a lot of ground before we found them. They were holding close to the breakline leading up to a large shallow flat. We were both able to tangle with big Gills up to 9 1/4". We used 3 different colors and 2 different sizes of Kenders tungsten jigs to catch all of our fish. Some of them came on just plastics and others came live bait (eurolarvae).
  22. With no ice in the Metro I decided to put some miles on this weekend and head to the North Country in search of gold! We were able to find a few lakes with fishable ice and found some Walleyes that were cooperative and hungry. All fish we released to swim, spawn and grow larger!
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