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  1. Man did I have a rough day 1 of Fantasy Fishing but with those 8 and 9lbs hawgs being brought in, it's anyone's game!
  2. I have handled the Blackout rods a few times and they feel decent for the money. I wound up pulling the trigger on 2 omens last year and they seemed to perform well. I liked how light they were. I was curious if the Gen2's were better or not. I recently purchased a Green Omen that I'm excited to put a bend in!
  3. I recently pulled the trigger on a handful of 200 yard spools on InvisX ($17) and Red Label ($10) from e bay. I should really look into buy a 1000 yard spool to save some money, but then what lb test would I get? 10? 12?
  4. @Wanderer Looks great! The OK Trident 11 has treated me well now and it's going on the 5th season. Which model did you go with Prowler 13? I'd like to get a new kayak, maybe the Old Town Predator, and keep the OK Trident for friends/family but we'll see!
  5. Over the last few weeks I've found a lot of quality gills and crappies in under 9ft of water. Finding good weeds was pretty key. Once ice out hits I'll be looking in the 6ft range and for groups of weeds. Can't wait!
  6. Wow that looks like fun! I've never got into a high concentration of Seeds before. They've always been at a ratio of one of every 6 fish at max for me.
  7. He's grinding to get his 4th and 5th fish still with an hour to go.
  8. It's anyone's game! Especially if a big bite or two comes along.
  9. I just realized this as well!
  10. I had that happen on several of my War Eagles last year actually. Did the Sebile spinnerbaits look like this? These actually look pretty interesting!
  11. What spinnerbait brands do you prefer? I always seem to purchase Terminators (usually the T1's) and then I have a few War Eagle spinnerbaits that see the water. I'd like to diversify my Spinnerbait box.
  12. I will definitely have the live coverage on one of my screens. I'll try to keep the conference calls to a minimum too
  13. There is a Spring Fishing Sale going on at BassPro right now. BPS Spring Sale
  14. Do you remove the split rings on your cranks when using the Norman Speed Clips? I see that they recommend that you do. I don't like the idea of removing all the split rings.
  15. Oh c'mon...now you're just being modest!
  16. If I fish it this year it will be with a buddy who has never fished competitively before. This league is a good one for that as the majority of teams are friendly and most teams talk afterwards about how they caught them. You learn a bunch pretty quickly. I'm not a huge fan of WBL or Forest Lake...
  17. Bass are a funny fish when it comes to winter time. I target a lot of Panfish during the hardwater months. On some lakes you will catch them mixed in with the Sunfish in the shallow weeds and on others they won't bite anything until very late in the season. They are a fun when they are snapping on light line and small rods though!
  18. MN BassFisher

    Rod Racks

    What do my fellow bassheads use for storing their rods? I currently have an Okuma rod stand/rack in my garage but wouldn't ya know it...I've got too many rods for it to hold. I need to upgrade so I wanted to see what others had for storage systems. I'm eyeing up the Kastking Rack. Kastking Rack
  19. Happy to hear about filet knives being able to fly in checked luggage. I will be bringing one down to Florida when I go in a month.
  20. There has to be some winter bass being caught from the Rivers...let's see em! I'm itching and haven't hit the river yet this winter. Hopefully soon though.
  21. 2 years ago I fished the Greenhorn on Wed nights with Bassfshin24 and it was a blast. Pretty good group of guys and good series! I don't have a boat myself but I might try to get back into the Greenhorn series this year but I doubt it will work out.
  22. What do those on this thread typically use Mono for nowadays...topwater only? I personally use all Flouro and Braid right now. I tried some Co-Polymer's last year and didn't mind them but I think I'll stick with Flouro. For light cover jigging I like to use 15lb Seaguar Invizx. In a time pinch I used Red Label on a few reels last year and didn't mind it! Has anyone tried the Seaguar Flippin' Flouro?
  23. I got the opportunity to fish a small body of water with my buddy that apparently held big Sunfish. After catching my first couple I realized he was not joking. We went on to have a crazy day of fishing in terms of Bluegill size. I think we only caught three Gills that were under 9 inches long!
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