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  1. Very nice! I have never caught a Smallie through the ice before. I can imagine they put up a heck of a fight, especially when they are over 17"!
  2. @bonebaby0 Those look awesome! Do you make any other types of lures or are Chatterbaits your forte? Fishing with @bassfshin24 quite a few years ago is when I started throwing Chatterbaits after watching him catch fish on them in the right conditions. Thanks to that and him they have become a confidence bait of mine in the Spring, Fall and even summer!
  3. I think we have 2 episodes left. I really liked the show from the beginning as it was always making me think and question things. This last episode there was a big twist and I can't wait to see what unfolds in the next two eps!
  4. Wow, very impressive! I used to draw a lot as a kid, I wasn't very good but I used to have a lot of fun with it.
  5. Right before Christmas a buddy and I hopped in the Jeep and drove a few hours to a small lake that we've had a lot of success on in the past for Crappies. We trekked into the lake and within the first 5 holes we drilled we found a massive school of Crappies (the school was over 15ft in height over 40fow). We spent an hour or so trying to get them to bite but it didn't matter what we sent down the hole (5mm tungsten jigs, 3mm jigs, spoons, plastics, live minnows, etc.) they showed zero interest. We decided then to push up shallow and see what the Bluegills were like in this lake. It took us qui
  6. Who has used this line of Shacks before? I have a Frabill Trekker II that I'm looking to upgrade from. I'm eyeing up the 2110 Aegis as it's the same dimensions as the old Trekker II but appears to be 2" shallower in the sled. But it comes with upgraded seats, a Thermal top and is surprisingly 10lbs lighter. I want a small and lightweight 2 man as I tend to move often and the majority of the time I'm pulling this shack by hand (no ATV or sled). I can't seem to find many reviews on these shacks so I was hoping to hear from a few of you!
  7. Alright, I think I have made my mind up and will be going with the Conservation Series net with the 24"-48" telescoping handle and the 20" X 23" basket.
  8. I like the netting of the Rubber Sportsman's net. I also like the idea of a telescoping handle, 24"-48" is plenty. They have options that go to 96" which is overkill for the use I'm planning on. I read on a few old posts on Walleye forums that anglers said that netting of the Conservation series wasn't great for Crankbaits as it would tangle. I think the older netting on that model was smaller/micro netting. It appears to be larger now and I would think it would work find with trebles/cranks. Do you have any problems with cranks tangling in your net @Fishin machine?
  9. I am wanting to purchase my GF's dad a new landing net for Father's Day. He mainly fishes at their cabin on Vermilion and has 2 large nets currently. One is great for Musky and the other is his all around net. The all around net is a bit too large and clunky for Walleye and Bass fishing. I am looking at the Conservation Series or the Rubber Sportsman Nets. I definitely want a net that is rubber or tangle free coated. I'm torn on the actual size of the net - 20" X 23" seems like a good size for Walleye/Bass. I also would like to hear opinions on handle type as there are fixed handles, sliding h
  10. While on vacation in Marco Island, FL I needed to spend some time chasing Sheepshead in the inland waterways. This species is a blast to sight fish. Paddling around to docks and pilings searching for them, once you find one a well placed free-lined shrimp is hard for them to pass up!
  11. I have been watching Randy Howell catch em on Hawg Caller Proven Winner Spinnerbaits. I have a few on the way. I'm excited to try out a new brand and see what their durability is compared to the Terminator T-1's and War Eagle's that I normally use.
  12. A few years back I purchased a St. Croix Rage rod when I found it on sale at Joe's. It was a baitcaster with smaller guides (not sure if they were true micro guides) than normal. I was using 10lb Flouro and due to a little bit of coiling I felt like the line either wrapped around or got caught at the guides often which made casting for distance very difficult. I wound up selling that rod after 1 season and am leary of baitcasting rods with small guides now.
  13. The Jawbreaker eh? I haven't thrown that lure in many many years, in fact I don't have any in my box anymore. I used to always joke about how it was weedless but also fishless as I never caught anything but Dogfish on them at my cabin.
  14. I was out Panfishing from my kayak on Monday on a metro lake and water temps were 64 at the highest. It looked like the Crappies had finished their spawn. Sunfish were beginning to make beds and the Male bass were cruising the shallows. Now I'm wondering what stage the Smallies will be at on Vermilion for Opener.
  15. When I got into bass fishing the Senko was my jam! I don't throw it much anymore even though its a proven producer. There are a few lakes I fish from my kayak that get covered in that green slime come July so T-Rigs don't work well (unless you want to pick off slime after each cast) and Dropshots don't seem to produce. I'll throw a weighted wacky senko and pick them off the deep weedline. I rarely throw them T-rigged. If I'm throwing them nowadays it's weighted wacky. My go-to's are the Gander Brand - good bang for your buck. I will also throw the 4" senkos on a dropshot rig.
  16. I was up at my cabin in Danbury and the water temp was only 49 on Saturday and had warmed up to 51 late Sunday. I would have guessed it would have been a bit warmer but the last week of rain/cold definitely dropped the temps. It was windy this weekend!
  17. I have never tossed one but I would imagine t-rigged it would produce!
  18. Haha yeah you never know what to expect in the spring here. I have a cabin in the Danbury area and my sister purchased a cabin on a small shallow lake in the Webb Lake area. That was the year her lake winter killed...I guess there were some decent bass in there before the kill too
  19. Is anyone heading out next weekend for the Wisconsin Opener? I had some plans fall through and might have to get out somewhere on Saturday now. I've never targeted Bass for the WI Opener but have heard some great stories.
  20. I was able to drop my kayak in on some Pool 2 river backwaters on 4/16. It was windy but it felt good to get back out. I wound up catching a dozen or so small bass that were up shallow. I wanted to target Crappie but the wind and its direction weren't cooperating.
  21. Fish USA is having a sale (yesterday) and today on St. Croix Demo rods. Most seem to be 20%-50% off.
  22. I was out last Saturday. There was a bunch of traffic south of St. Paul Park! Read some water temps in the mid to high 60's which really surprised me. Caught a bunch of small males up shallow.
  23. I will be up on Vermilion for Opener. Excited to find some fat Smallies. Not as big as Mille Lacs' Footballs but still a blast!
  24. I mentioned that in the video but only because it was an oddity to me. I don't typically burn them in unless I'm fishing real shallow wood and reeling fast to avoid hang ups. In this case I could feel the Chatterbait wasn't vibrating like you want it to so I started burning it back to the boat and that's when the Pike came to the surface and ate it. I find myself switching to Spinnerbaits once the weeds start to get thick as they are more weedless than Chatterbaits. I do like Chatterbaits when the water is cold, weeds aren't very thick, there is wood present and the water is a bit sta
  25. A lure that has really grown on me over the last season or two is the Chatterbait or bladed jig. It was a top producer for me during the cold water months (Spring and Fall seasons) and when fishing dirty or stained waters. Bass and Pike seem to love em! The biggest question is what type of trailer to use as I've found several that have yielded good results.
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