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  1. Nice job! Great looking birds! for me that looks like an expensive season because a number of those birds would need to go on the wall. Trifecta on the teal.
  2. It is something that should not be talked about. Once you start talking about killing a deer and what you are going to do with it you wont get one. Its like talking to a pitcher about and bring up that he has a a no hitter going the eight inning. It is bad luck. Being unprepard is a better way to ensure success. Or a rope and tree branch always work for me.
  3. #fishhunt#

    When is a limit a limit??

    You are correct Jbell- tahnsk for pointing out: What if people are fishing together from a boat or on shore? A party is two or more people fishing together from a single watercraft or on shore while maintaining unaided visual and vocal contact. The number of fish your party possesses cannot be more than the combined limits of all party members. However, you can only transport your individual limit of fish.
  4. #fishhunt#

    When is a limit a limit??

    If you want to get real technical. If you are fishing crappie with 2 peaople in your boat, and you have 19 in the well, only the person that have caught 9 can keep the last one . The other that has 10 is done and can only catch and release. There is no party fishing from what I remember. Catch and release is not illegal and does not contitute a possesion limit as long as the fish is released immediately.
  5. If you have no tried it already, turn livewell pump on . put boat in reverse with big motor at pretty good speed backwards. Sometimes this will get the water flowing. A buddy of mine has same issue with his lund ProV.Once it starts filling you should be good to go without the big motor.
  6. #fishhunt#

    Antler flocking

    Try TK Taxidermy in Lakeville
  7. #fishhunt#

    Minnesota results available on line now!

    Thanks Bluehat! I just check ed yesterday and it was not there. Today it is! I am in! 503 season C!
  8. #fishhunt#

    How to fix speedometer on 2007 Yamaha 115?

    Google Checking speedometer on Yamaha Outboard Youtube. I just looked it up and it is all on video. looks like an easy fix. Good Luck!
  9. #fishhunt#

    Power Trim Question

    Could just be air in the hydraulics. Tilt motor up. Add tilt trim fluid slowly so no air gets in the line. Replace cap tilt motor down and up about 5 times and see if it does the trick. Google is a good place to check regarding this issue.
  10. I am re-vaning my Carbon Express 300cx arrows myself. I have 3 inch vanes now. 3 inch vanes seem to work fine. Any reason I should go to 2 inch? I do not take shots at anything over 30 yards. If you have re-vaned arrows, what manufacturer of vanes would you put on whether it is 2 or 3 inch. Pros and cons of the kinds you have used? Best glue for Carbon? Am I overthinking this? At 30 yards is it going to make any difference? Looking forward to your responses.
  11. #fishhunt#

    2 or 3 inch vanes? What kind?

    Thanks for he info guys! I'm still up in the air, but online seems the way to go. Way cheaper, more color options(mix and match) , more manufacturer options!
  12. Evidently I didnt hunt enough ducks this year. Arizona here I come. Departure 1:00 Sunday. Already time to get out of this cold and let the ice get safe for fishing. 3 day hunt M-W. Can't wait!
  13. #fishhunt#

    Windows - Condensation

    Try putting the 3M window plastic insulator over them. I don't get any that way. Also if you pull the shades down teh air flow behind the shades is bad. Turn a small fan on in the room may halp also.
  14. #fishhunt#

    Family Tent

    I am looking into tents for our family(Wife and 2 daughters). Also for hunting. Looking for at least an 8 to 10 man and something I can stand up in. Also A full rainfly would be nice. The wife does not like the look of my blue tarp over the top of the tent we have now. It is pretty hard to find an 8-10 man with a full rain fly. Any ideas? Cabelas Alaskan 8 man looks nice. Any other pros or cons on other tents?
  15. #fishhunt#

    Lab Seizures

    Sounds like it could be EIC(Exercise Induced Collapse) Only happens after dogs have been exrcising and seemss to happen to high energy/stressed dogs. My lab has the same thing. I have not found anything that works (maybe in this post)except controlling the exercise and making sure you do not over do it. It only happens to mine after exrensive excercise. They last about 5 minutes. I am very careful on how much exercise is done in water also.
  16. #fishhunt#

    Crazy Bad Shedding - Any Ideas?

    2 times a year the shedding is bad for my dog. Always seems to ber at the same time each year.
  17. #fishhunt#

    What brand tires do you guys like?

    265/65/17 Michelin Cross Terrains on my 03 4runner. 90,000 miles on my first set and 80,000 on my second set. For long lasting tires it is prettytough to beat that. Costco is the chaepest from what I am seeing with the 70.00 rebate going on.
  18. #fishhunt#

    Finally got my crappie back from the taxidermist.

    IMO Looks to me like the first fish may be a white crappie and the second fish a black crappie. Plus, different lakes have different color fish. Always bring a picture of the fish in to the taxidermist so he knows what color the original fish looks like. I would be mad if I brought in a fish from Rainy lake to a taxidermist and he painted it to look like a fish from Mille Lacs. If the taxidermist matched the color of the fish to the actual color of it and he had a picture of it from the owner then he did a great job. Plus, pictures usually dont do mounts justice as the flash many times will shine out the colors of the fish depending on how the flash reflects off the fish. Always wrap fish or pirds in plactic before you put anything else around them. Straight newspaper or towels (even wet towels will suck the moisture out of the skin)which makes it hards for the taxidermist to work with. Same issue with putting them in a regular refrigerator freezer.Frost free (most refridge freezers will dry out and shrink the skins of all animals. Deep freezes are always the best.
  19. #fishhunt#

    Re Fletched

    Not sure it matters much on the color. After I shoot I am looking for redish pinkish vanes;)...hopefully.
  20. #fishhunt#

    Re Fletched

    Hey thats what color I did mine this week but I had 2 yellow and 1 black per arrow. They look sharp!
  21. #fishhunt#

    Who's still holding out

    I love good blood trail in the snow! Doe already down. Antlers until December then either.
  22. #fishhunt#

    Weigh These Deer

    Scale on my christmas list this year!
  23. #fishhunt#

    venison tenderloin

    Tenderloin is gross. Next time you shoot a deer I will get rid of it for you. HEHEHEHEH!