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  1. The best way to tell if they opened is to look at the entrance and exit wound. If they did not open you would only have a bout a 1 inch hole. If it did expand pull the blades back and check the diameter. it should be larger than if they did not open
  2. I still have 1 female left and ready to go now. Let me know if interested text or call 952-240-7875
  3. Down to 1 female . Text me if you are interested or if you know anyone looking . Thanks!
  4. Labrador Retriever-Chocolates 2 Female pups available. Taking deposits now. Ready 8/3/19. 26 month written Health Guarantee. Both sire and dam have eyes, hips & elbows certified and are EIC clear. Pups will have shots, dew claws removed, wormed. Great family and hunting dogs, pedigree is loaded with hunting titles, field trial titles and pointing titles. Sire is Fritz out of High Caliber Labs, a 4XGMPR and has Master Hunter title. Dam's pedigree includes 4XGMPR and MH Grass Lake Greeley and Raider lines. Pedigrees available upon request. Contact Dallas 952-240-7875 text or call. $1,
  5. Nice job! Great looking birds! for me that looks like an expensive season because a number of those birds would need to go on the wall. Trifecta on the teal.
  6. Has anyone hooked up an underwater camera to one of these HDS units or used them for ice fishing? I just purchased one. Wondering how wells it worked on ice and if OK what kind of camera did you use. I already have a vexilar for ice fishing so I do not need the ice ducer but I just thought since I had the HDS I would try the camera also. Thanks in advance.
  7. It is something that should not be talked about. Once you start talking about killing a deer and what you are going to do with it you wont get one. Its like talking to a pitcher about and bring up that he has a a no hitter going the eight inning. It is bad luck. Being unprepard is a better way to ensure success. Or a rope and tree branch always work for me.
  8. Thank you for the reply CC. I appreciate the info and will take careful consideration of your points. That is what I was thinking. I have fished the lake for many years. 4,000 acre lake 23 feet is the deepest. It is a very shallow weedy lake but has some rock reefs that go from 14 feet up to 7 feet this I would like to explore a little better. Walleye is what I target 95% of the time. I have a Lowrance x85 now that the transducer got torn off which works OK but it is upgrade time.
  9. I am looking at getting a depth finder. 99% of my fishing is on a lake that the deepest I ever catch fish is 12 feet and mostly fish 7-9 feet. The lake is relatively weedy and soft bottom. Am I wasting money with Side Imaging and Down scan? Is chirp a better option? I was looking at the Lowrance HDS7 with structure transducer package deal with Insight for 1200.00 at CABEL. Is this unit overkill for my purposes? Thanks for your input.
  10. You are correct Jbell- tahnsk for pointing out: What if people are fishing together from a boat or on shore? A party is two or more people fishing together from a single watercraft or on shore while maintaining unaided visual and vocal contact. The number of fish your party possesses cannot be more than the combined limits of all party members. However, you can only transport your individual limit of fish.
  11. If you want to get real technical. If you are fishing crappie with 2 peaople in your boat, and you have 19 in the well, only the person that have caught 9 can keep the last one . The other that has 10 is done and can only catch and release. There is no party fishing from what I remember. Catch and release is not illegal and does not contitute a possesion limit as long as the fish is released immediately.
  12. If you have no tried it already, turn livewell pump on . put boat in reverse with big motor at pretty good speed backwards. Sometimes this will get the water flowing. A buddy of mine has same issue with his lund ProV.Once it starts filling you should be good to go without the big motor.
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